Feature Article of Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Columnist: Damoah, Nana A.

Ex Questions on My Mind

The President has joined his ancestors, and Sikaman mourned him well. Most Ghanaians decided that though there were issues that tugged at their minds, once the Omanhene was not laid to rest, such issues could rest.

Now that day is over and the night that drew nigh has turned to dawn.

I have a few cobwebs in my coconut and would appreciate if some experienced knot knitters could help me clear them as it is the one who creates riddles who best knows how to explain them. They are not in any order.

Q1. If the Prez was going to Nigeria for some bilateral talks the morning he died, how come Goodluck Jonathan in his comment after his death didn't mention it?

Q2. What is Koku's job now?

Q3. If, from what Papa J tells us, the President was unwell to the point that he had to work only 3 hours a day, why did he have to stand and talk during his media encounters with senior journalists at the Castle?

Q4. Why did we make the Prez jog at the airport?

Q5. When the Prez visited the USA during Christmas last year, on short notice and when most people felt officials would be on holidays, was it for an official assignment as we were told or for a medical review (I am mindful of the confusion between review and checkup)?

Q6. What is the real reason why the Prez boycotted the IEA debate? Can we get an upgraded reason, considering what we know now?

Q7. Who wrote the Everlasting Letter?

Q8. What emergency response system do we have for our Presidents in case of a medical emergency?

Q9. If we were being fed spins on the state of the Prez when we saw otherwise, what spins are we being fed on the state of the nation?

Q10. What killed Mills? BBC says one thing, Cadman says another and allegedly autopsy says differently. Whose report should we believe?

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