Feature Article of Saturday, 18 August 2012

Columnist: Nyamah, Richard

Open Letter To President John Dramani Mahama

Permit us to congratulate you on your assumption to the most powerful office of the land. Mr. President your first coup d’état has indeed been successful. You took office on 24th July, the same day your predecessor passed. You made history on that faithful day not only as the first ever President to be born in ‘Ghana’ but also the first ever unelected President to assume office in our democratic dispensation, a bloodless, weaponless coup d’état.
Dear Mr. President, your achievement brings back memories of you promising people in the Northern region in 2008 that they should vote for the Atta Mills/John Mahama ticket because you will become the President. Based on this, you went ahead to promise the carving out of another region from the Northern region to accelerate development. You have achieved for yourself what you wanted; Northerners are waiting for their share as you promised.
Your Excellency, you baffled many a Ghanaian with the out-dooring of you Presidential campaign T-shirts in 2010 but it is now obvious you knew what you were doing, congratulations. It takes a shrewd political mastermind to achieve what you have without a single drop of blood. But how did you do it oga?
Mr. President, rumors abound as to the cause of death and time of death of our beloved late President Atta Mills. Is it true you tried smuggling him to Nigeria to Prophet T.B Joshua for healing but the man of God called you and said it is too late and don’t bother? Does that explain why his signature may have been forged onto a letter to parliament stating he is on official duty to Nigeria on the day he died?
A President who is credited for purchasing several ambulances by his praise singers did not have even one ambulance at his disposal let alone a police motorcade. The President 24/7 has at least 5 lead riders amongst several advance teams including one led by an aid in charge of operations, who could cause road blocks to prevent the President from moving. How on earth were all these including the Presidents ADC removed at the time he most needed them?
Just wondering, Mr. President, why you would thank God on a day you are moaning your Predecessor for his death, whilst thanking him in the same breath for your luck. Only 7 days after his death? You could not even wait for his burial before you spat on him?
Why will God kill a good man pursuing a better Ghana agenda, Just to give it to 54 year old Vice President who claims to be young? Where in this World is 54 years considered young except in your Ghana? President Obama attained the American Presidency at 47. Rawlings was 33 years old. Limann was barely 45. Our First President Nkrumah was barely above 40. Since when has being young been equated to being wise, intelligent and successful? I thought our local adage says what the old man sees sitting, the young man climbeth a tree and sees not?
Wonders, they say will never end. Curious minds want to know why you canceled your trip days before the passing of the President.
Could the President have died from the porridge he had that morning? Or was he choked by the neck brace that was bought for him when he complained about neck pains?
Last but not least, Mr. President were you lying to Ghanaians or was it your National Chairman that was lying to Ghanaians about the time our President died? You said 14:15pm; the national chairman of the NDC in his tribute says he died in the morning. Who is lying to us Mr. President?
Dear Mr. President, these are just a few curious questions from the many one has to ask of you. It is hoped you shall respond to these to pave way for other vital questions such as you integrity, corruptibility, truthfulness, moral integrity and your track record as an individual and as a public servant. Germaine questions anyone seeking the high office of Ghana has to answer and pass. But if I do not hear from you within reasonable time, I will assume it is okay to ask the rest. Thank Mr. 54 year old President Dramani John Mahama, ‘ Ayeekoo’
Richard Nyamah