Feature Article of Friday, 17 August 2012

Columnist: Sumaila, Nansia

Getfund Deprive Some Student Their Monies

Since December 2011

By this mail, we the under listed students would like to convey to you our grievances and discontent about treatment we have received from certain officials of at the Ghana Education Trust Fund (GET- FUND).

We are students of Coventry University London Campus and were granted visa to the UK based on the commitment that the Government of Ghana through the GETFUND made vie a letter that was signed by Mr. Sam Garba to pay us an amount of £800.00 per month, but this commitment is yet to be fulfilled to the letter. This was incorporated into our sponsorship letters which facilitated our enrollment in October, 2011. As at the time of writing this email, GETFUND, the breakdown of outstanding monies yet to paid us is shown below: Baba Abdulai Seidu -£ 2,400.00

Sumaila Nansia-£ 2,400.00

Shakil Mahmoud-£ 4,300.00

Fati Saaka-£ 2,400.00

Abdul Razak Jamilatu-£ 2,400.00

The inability of GETFUND to fulfill its obligation has resulted in some of us receiving inhuman and barbaric treatment from our landlords. This situation has made us vulnerable and it has now being aggravated as some of us will soon be ejected from our rooms for non-payment of rent.

Sir, what makes the whole thing worse is the fact that, we have sent numerous mails and even made phones with the small money we have and nothing has come out of it. It will interest you to know that we are virtually left with less than three (3) months to complete and this has made us frustrated and confused and it is negatively affecting our studies as we cannot fathom were to get funds to even clear out debts that have accumulated from deferred rent and bills payment.

The administrative staff at GET-FUND would not even bother to reply our mails and when they answer our calls would never give us any tangible reason for the undue delay in paying us. We are now tired of the same excuse of the no money since we are of the view that there is more to it than meets the eye. This is because our immediate juniors (January intake) have received the full complement of the funds which has compelled us to take the "no money syndrome" as an excuse with a pinch of salt.

We are therefore using this medium as one of the options to get our balances from GET-FUND to avoid any action that would not be in interest our dear party and and

government as a whole.

We seriously count on your kind assistance and we look forward to your reply.

Thank you.


Baba Abdulai Seidu

Sumaila Nansia +447404561415

Shakil Mahmoud

Fati Saaka

Abdul Razak Jamilatu