Feature Article of Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Columnist: Mukah, Kofi

Glomobile staff killing Glo

On 4th August 2012, around 1pm, I visited the Glo Mobile office located on the Ring road Accra, opposite the Emirate office to pick a reserved number.

When I entered the office I realized there were about six customers waiting for their turn, as it got closer to my turn the Glomobile staff, a lady, who happened to be the first staff seated on the left when you enter their office decided to stop working for about 5minutes and rather engage in a conversation with her colleague in fluent Hausa.

Customers were getting pissed as she ignored them.

She later asked me to come over, when I did, she looked across the room and yelled at the security man saying she is not going to attend to any customer again.

The customers who were already murmuring got angry and also retorted, thinking she will plead she rather categorically stated to them that they cannot tell her what to do, a customer even stated that it is not yet 2pm, I guess that is the time they close, but this lady was so shockingly rude.

I have had the opportunity to meet and interact with the staff of the other telecommunication companies, they have been very polite and endearing, but I’m shocked that Glo mobile, a new entrant will have such a rude person in the front line, is it because unlike their other competitors Glo is owned by an African so employees can choose to be indifferent? Kofi Mukah