Feature Article of Sunday, 5 August 2012

Columnist: Osei, Theophilus Boateng

The Demise Of Prof. Mills……Matters Arising!

On 24th July, 2012 Ghana was so silent as a result of the death of her first son former president J.E.A. Mills which occurred at the 37 MILITARY hospital at noon when the President told his aides that “ I am not feeling well ‘’ upon which he was rushed to the hospital but died when receiving treatment as his aides claim it to be, hmmmm! On this notice I therefore join TESON KNUST and TESCON Nationwide to say President Mills “ Requiescat in pace “ and wish the entire family of H.E. President Mills and beneficiaries well in their activities before and after the funeral ceremony of the late president . We also welcome and congratulate President Mahama upon his elevation to the highest office of this great nation. I will start by asking what actually caused the sudden death of the healthy president as his aides’ claim he was. I wonder why some people still say we should stop politicizing the death of former president Mills but let advise these group of people when we do not criticize those wrong doings we can never correct our mistakes as individuals and as a nation and progress therefore whatever is wrong needs to be criticized.

If Ghanaian will bear with me I can say without fear and panic that the president own aides’ pushed him to the wall. They compelled the President to act in so many ways which were against his will because of their selfishness and wickedness a scenario all Ghanaians witnessed was when the President Mills was about to board a flight to the States for medical checkup that he was forced by his party members to deceive Ghanaians that he was not sick by exercising to show that he is as fit as a fiddle and that the opposition parties are using it as a propaganda against him of which he was again forced by the same people around him when he was back from the States and his party members of his party were singing rivalry songs once again is high time Ghanaians learned how better to politicize some issues because when one is elected as a president is solely for the people of Ghana and not for a particular party.

A letter written by barrister Samuel Okudzetu and read on Saturday on Hot FM at 2pm-4pm on a program “GHANA MUST KNOW” hosted by Justice Ankamah said “the president was toyed to behave in so many ways which led to his death and I strongly agree with the writer because how can the president allow himself to be humiliated at the airport of which he was aware his medical advisors asked him to rest for a while in order to restore his health but he refuse to listen to the advice. Again if his aides’ who used him as a camouflage in order to dupe this country were even not able to give him good advice about his own welfare how then will they be able to the same to the ruled(Ghanaians). A couple of weeks ago I read from the Daily Graphic that President Mugabi of Zimbabwe for every three or two weeks travel outside his country to seek medical treatment of which the country spend $3.7million on each trip he goes yet no one complaints about that because he has made clear to his people that his health condition getting worst. Therefore what was so blush about President Mills telling his people that his condition of health is at stake?

I am certainly assure that what most people in the Ndc are thinking now is that base upon the death of President Mills and the flag bearer of the Ndc they will win sympathy votes in this year’s general election . I therefore want to disprove that fact that Ghanaians have all witness the mismanagement and harm these people have caused the state therefore Ndc should stop shearing crocodile tears which they think will help them to gain favor from Ghanaians because Ghanaians are not ready again to give them second term for them to mislead and deceive the entire country, tell lies and misuse the state funds for themselves and their family. Ghanaians should be watchful of these people and their party (Ndc) because they are known to be traitors of the great nation and always seek the down fall of the nation. This can be seen from the way they are joking with the affairs and mismanaging the funds of the country and how they always try to create confusion and anarchy in this country.This can be inferred from the live coverage by Metro TV of President Maham’s visit to family of the former president Mills family at Etuam on 28th July,2012 when some Ndc party member were chanting war and rivalry songs against the biggest opposition party (Npp) and later on started to beat someone up that they claim to be an Npp member that he should leave the premises of the late president .

I am so happy that most Ghanaians witnessed that incident including the president’s security which later on tried to scatter the mob which would have resulted in the death of the Npp man they claim to be. This shows that the Ndc as a party is still immature in terms of democratic governance and therefore should come out to apologize to all Ghanaians on such assault. I therefore edge all Ghanaians that we should not give this power drunk and humiliate party and its people the chance to play with heart of the country and her people misuse the tax payers’ money for their own benefits.

Another matter that needs to be discussed is the speech of president Mahama. How can the father of this nation stand front of his own children and address them as people with “useless thoughts” I am not surprise to hear this from the president because he has no inspiring message for the people if not lies then insults no wonder he was at Tein KNUST congress to tell lies about things his they were not achieve as it was said in their manifesto but claiming to be fulfilled. If such a person is giving the chance to lead us in the next 4 years then Ghanaians should expect that the country would be mismanaged absolutely. To conclude I once again join TESCON KNUST and TESCON Nationwide to extend my condolence to the bereaved family and all Ghanaians that they should take heart but be very watchful of this Ndc party and Mahama administration that they don’t have anything better for this great nation but rather to use our resources for their own betterment. As it has always been said “Vox populi, vox Dei” (the voice of the people is the voice of God) and as Ghanaians are now crying to have the freedom and better economy they were once leaving in before this ruling party took over their voices have been heard and Nana has been chosen from the lot to liberate Ghanaians from this bad treatments therefore I once again edge all Ghanaians that Nana Akuffo and the Npp should rather be voted ahead of every political partyin this coming general election so that Ghanaians can once again gain their freedom from the harm this government(Ndc) has caused the people of this Great nation and still causing this nation until they leave office but again TESCON KNUST say may the soul of former president J.E.A.Mills rest in perfect peace and May the almighty God continue to bless Ghana.

Osei,Theophilus Boateng.member , TESCON-KNUST Communication Team tboateng98@yahoo.com(0244111592)