Feature Article of Sunday, 29 July 2012

Columnist: Sarpong, George

Tribute In Memory Of Professor John Evans Atta Mills

He has been described by many as a humble man who loved his Motherland
and worked dearly towards an elevation of the status quo. He was a
husband of one and the father for all. One may earn a title by words but
undoubtedly Prof. J.E.A Mills earned the title "ASOMDWOEHENE" by deeds I
When History is been written,it may be written on paper
which may deteriorate or in the sand which may be wiped away,but the
good old Professor's name would forever be engraved on a rock in the
political history of the Republic of Ghana.
The one who redefined
and restructured Taxation in Ghana,the one time Achimota school Hockey
player would always be remembered for his immense effort towards Nation
I never met Prof. Mills but one thing I liked about him
was his good sense of humour amidst difficulty and trying times. He was a
great leader by all standards even though he also had his shortfalls.
One time in Parliament when the Minority Caucus( opposition New
Patriotic Party) was dressed in black and showed him the RED CARD,all he
said was"Madam Speaker, I knew there was going to be heckling but I
didn't know that it would be this "GARGANTUAN" and he was able to calm
tempers to an appreciable level by his good sense of humour.
In the
local Ashanti setting,three(3) things are known to Unite people.
Childbirth,Marriage and Death are the said things that bring about Unity
in the Ashanti culture.
In these periods of mourning,I pray we do
that in Unity as a Nation and One People and not create unnecessary
political gains out of the death of a Noble Son of this Land.
As I
watched him during the December 2008 Campaign,I could see something in
his eyes. This was the Passion,Desire and Determination with which he
wanted to cause a CHANGE in his Motherland.
Whenever I heard "my
brothers and sisters" I assumed it was the good old Professor
speaking... "Dzi wo fie asem" and "Father for all" are some of the
phrases by Prof. Mills that Ghanaians would always remember....
lot of people have lived and died but those who are remembered are those
who immortalised their names with the impact they made in the lives of
others. I can say with no iota of doubt that Prof. J.E.A Mills is one of
those who had an impact on the lives of their following. He was a
Mentor and a symbol of Hope to many till the day he passed on...
The BIG Question I ask myself now is, what would they say when I am gone?????
Would they say I was a "greedy bastard",would they say I was a man who
didn't have respect for the elderly,would they say I was a ruthless
politician or would they say I was that Patriotic citizen who abided by
the principle of meticulous accountability and had respect for Rule of
I would always want to be remembered for two(2) things, Honesty and Integrity.
What do you want to be remembered for?
Prof. Mills is gone but he will forever live in our hearts...
To all Patriotic Ghanaians I say let's Get United Now for PEACE 2012!!!
May God be our helper...
We shall overcome!