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Neglect of Northern Ghana Exposed | (comment 8109046)
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Neglect of Northern Ghana Exposed


2012-07-23 10:04:41
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Nonsense of the highest order, whose fault is it that the Northern Ghana is still mired in poverty? Go to Accra, Kumasi, Takoradi, Tema, Obuasi and some cities in the South, you will see some of the biggest mansions and industries are owned by the Northerners who abandon their natives back in the Northern Regions.

Even graduates of Northern extraction refuse postage to Northern region including Doctors and Nurses. If not for the Cuban Doctors, there would not have been Doctors in some towns in the North because Northerners themselves will not serve there.

It's sad John Mahama brother, a Tycoon in his own right, the first to buy Bentlwey and plane in Ghana all live in Accra and has not invested much in the North. The Abedi family and some Northern Soccer Professionals have all built their mansions and businesses in Accra and they continue to cry about how the Northern part has been neglected.

Don't we read in this forum how the Northerners praise the Rawlings regime as having extended electricity and water to most villages in the North? If they have these amenities, what is preventing Northerners to establish businesses and building neighborhood devoid of mud houses? Do they expect the Southerners to come and build the North? They spend their money in the South to build southern towns and turns around to complain about how the North has been neglected. The Northerners have been enjoying free education since independence and what has their educated people done for the Northern regions? Northerners should have a reality check and they will find out that, Northern regions are desolate places because of their own fault. Who even told Parliamentarians in Ghana that they all have to reside in Accra? That is not the case in USA or in European countries. Even the SADA is not going to help the Northern regions when the rich Northerners who should be staing in the North to spend their wealth to boost the Northern economy rather spend their money in Accra, Kumasi, Takoradi, Obuasi and Tema.

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