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Neglect of Northern Ghana Exposed

Comment: id ont think u know tamale

don sway
2012-07-23 07:49:20
Comment to:
Neglect of Northern Ghana Exposed

going through the article has given me the firm believe theat neithe the author or u the one doing the publication has step your foot to tamale. why, from Kamina baracks to Tamale central is 5 miles which is in sharp contrast with ur claim in the article that: 'But for the first time since arriving, I felt danger. I also felt a surge of guilt once inside the fantastic new stadium, built especially for the tournament. Less than a mile away are the villages made up of mud huts with no electricity, running water or sanitation.'

this is absolutely coming from some one with mischievious intentions, next time do ur work well

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07-23 03:02
id ont think u know tamale
don sway
07-23 07:49