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Neglect of Northern Ghana Exposed

Comment: Why Is Only NPPs Fault?

Kofi Yankey
2012-07-23 06:16:36
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Neglect of Northern Ghana Exposed

The thinking that NPP is against the North is the undiscerning thinking of Northerners that NDC has expoited. Rawlings was in power under PNDC and NDC for 19 years. Mills has gotten 3 years under NDC. Kuffour had 8 years under NPP. Northerners vote for NDC so why are problems in the North the fault of NPP only. Who is manipulating the Northerners, NDC or NPP? The Voltains are in a similar situation but fail to hold their beloved NDC responsible.

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07-23 03:02
Why Is Only NPPs Fault?
Kofi Yankey
07-23 06:16