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Neglect of Northern Ghana Exposed | (comment 8108227)
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Neglect of Northern Ghana Exposed

Comment: Re: Very good article, over to Kweku Baako

mensah abrampah
2012-07-23 05:59:32
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Very good article, over to Kweku Baako

This is not a good article but rather an incitement of voters against the NPP. A village in the north is no different from a village in the western, central, eastern or the ashanti region. Under development is not limited to just the northern region ; it affects the entire country. All previous administrations don't seem to understand the fierce urgency of an accelerated development for the entire length and breadth of the nation. We the people must take the greater portion of the blame for cheering and applauding politicians when their performance is abysmal and mediocre and for failing to hold them accountable for their stewardship while in office. We watch passively as politicians become rich overnight yet we are unable to ask them questions and we seem to be content when once in a while especially during the election period politicians come around and dole out hoes, lanterns, rice, cooking oil, etc. We accept these little bribes gladly as if that's all that we deserve. We must not forget that these greedy, selfish and corrupt politicians are our own sons and daughters and most often than not their actions and inactions are a reflection of what we, their parents and the elderly of the society taught them by our words and actions when they were boys and girls. The apple does not fall far from the tree. This is an indictment of the moral society and community. What the writer is saying is the same old politics we have overplayed and over relied on that has not profited us nothing. We can't be doing the same old things and expect different results. It's time for personal and national reflection.

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07-23 03:02
Re: Very good article, over to Kweku Baako
mensah abrampah
07-23 05:59