Feature Article of Monday, 16 July 2012

Columnist: Ofori, Fiifi

President Mills’ Health

I find it extremely appalling at the manner in which President Mills’ health has been a huge source of controversy in these last few months. I am also disappointed with those that have tried to score political points with it, especially with rumors percolating that some people around the President floated rumors of his death for political gains, the equivalence of Judas selling Christ for few pieces of silver. Politics is no child’s play, and whenever, a person chooses to engage in active politics, said individual gives up his right to be treated with gentle gloves but making the President’s health a contentious issue should not be a factor. Whether or not one belongs to the NDC, should not determine our hope for good health for Mr. Mills neither should belonging to the Mills wing or Rawlings wing; and wishing him a great recovery was actually the right thing to do by Akuffo-Addo.It is also utterly dumbfounding that his own team would engage on this nonsensical issue.
I am a huge supporter of Nana Akuffo-Addo for this year’s presidential contest and should I have my wish, Santa would deliver President-elect Akuffo-Addo for Christmas. However, in the case that these very disturbing allegations originated from any members of the opposition CPP, NPP and others, it would be equally wrong. I have always admired both men running for the presidency for their contributions to the country. Like Nana’s vibrant engagement of the country since the 1980’s, Professor Mills was a brilliant lecturer and a good steward of Ghana’s tax office; but as President, he has proven not to be on top of his game. His administration has been mired in all sorts of scandals from “woyomegate” to a litany of others I wish not list less I digress.
As Ineffective as this current administration has been, though, President John Atta-Mills remains our lawful head of state until hopefully the inauguration of President-elect Akuffo-Addo and all necessary measures needs to be taken to ensure his well-being including his health as well as that of the state. Horrible insinuations about his health from all sides, particularly the cynics within his party should be stopped.