Feature Article of Saturday, 7 July 2012

Columnist: Brako-Powers, Kwabena

Let’s Do the Right Thing for NUGS; it’s worth it!!

Thursday, 5 July, 2012

Office of the Press and Information Secretary
National Union of Ghana Students (NUGS)
Legon - Accra

Let’s Do the Right Thing for NUGS; it’s worth it!!

The National Executive Officers of the National Union of Ghana Students (NUGS) have chanced on a petition signed by some noble student leaders of the Union we love addressed to the President of NUGS that sought to raise cogent issues on the AASU Rep
The Union wants to remark that by uniting the front of the Union we love means that; righting some minor wrongs that hold the life to pose a huge danger to the coming generation. We will not saddle the coming leadership with mountainous challenges and this we are absolutely committed towards.
It is worth noting the below;
• That, the NUGS AASU rep Mr. Fred Awaah’s tenure of office expires this year and diagogically, the Union is expected to declare the vacancy for election to take its course.
• That, Mr. Fred Awaah’s membership of AASU is not individual but rather he is the emissary of the National Union of Ghana Students (NUGS) and the Union has the power to call him to account which is missing in the way he conducts his activities.
• That, Mr. Osman Ayariga cannot use his locus as the President of NUGS to stop the wheel of truth as is being done. However hard some persons will try to convince some SRC Presidents of the need to maintain Mr. Awaah as the AASU Rep, the truth will forcibly hit us hard in the face and the reality is that, his time has outrun right about now.
• That, it was the National Executive Officers both led by Osman Ayariga and Mr. Peter Kodjie who suspended the AASU election temporary and not permanently and this power is still strong than before.
• That, Mr. Hamza Suhuyini did the wrong thing by “booting out” Mr. Abdul Karim the constitutionally elected NUGS Rep to AASU due largely to bad feelings and mischief and the onus lies on us to do the right thing.
• That, I Austin Kwabena Brako-Powers will not be a stooge to serve the selfish and mediocre interest of Mr. Hamza Suhuyini (a former student of University of Ghana, Legon) and any person of his kind but rather call the interest of the suffering Ghanaian students to be respected now.
• That, we have long keyed on the conscience of our colleague students in whose mandate we hold to execute things in their behalf.
• That, by allowing the will of truth to spin, we will erase the misconception in the minds of Ghanaians that students are misfit to rule themselves.
As a former student leader of the University of Ghana, Legon, I have served my people the cold truth which they hold up to me even now and I will not bow to calls by some unscrupulous persons to allow mischief, and wrong to continue in the Union we are all committed to reviving.
If you stand for the truth like we do; please share this piece with friends; tell a friend to tell a friend; and let’s know that, erasing the bad name of the Union must be quick; and we have to say THE FIERCE URGENCY OF NOW…never looking back!!
This is my conscience…your conscience…our conscience
Warm Regards
Kwabena Brako-Powers
(Press & Information Secretary-NUGS)