Feature Article of Thursday, 5 July 2012

Columnist: Boateng, Joseph

Stop Disgracing Mama Ghana

Whilst we those in the diaspora are doing our best wishing good things- blessings, peaceful election, unity, investors, etc. for our dearest country, those back home are busily cursing each other;; fighting , pulling themselves down and on top of that defending the wrongs that their favourites or those from their camps do. This is ridiculous!
Recently, it is disgusting reading articles on ghanaweb.com and with the comments by readers, I can barely find words to describe those comments. But to be more polite, I will say they are an eyesore.
Gone are the days or in times past, hardly would you see or hear two adults exchanging words and or the younger ones insulting an elderly person let alone somebody in position. That was then. Now it is the opposite- adults using filthy words between or among themselves; kids insulting or disrespecting the elderly all in the name of equal rights. Those “bagyimi bre (older generation)” were and are more polite than the present generation which we brand ourselves with all kinds of accolades like civilized, technological or the computer age.
We always try to copy the “obroni” and in copying, we end up over doing it. Don’t think that you can ever insult somebody that the people have voted for. You dare not insult the President of the USA, the UK (Prime Minister) and the rest of the developed countries just because you don’t like their policies. If you disagree with him on some of his policies, wait for an election day. Period! You cannot go on air and insult him. The fact that you are against him doesn’t mean you can use words on him anyhow. Moreover, their leaders respect them because they voted for them to serve the people and that they are accountable to all the people whether he or she is a party member or not. This is democracy.
In Ghana today, you see our leaders trading words, instigating the youth to attack those in positions or authority; sometimes describing their leaders with words that are supposed to be used by nonentities. You can’t even read the comments on some of the articles and news on almost all the Ghanaian sites on the internet especially www.ghanaweb.com . I often wonder if those who post those comments ever read and understand the content of those news or articles. Some don’t even read a paragraph and just go to the comments and do their own things simply because they have some bad motive about the leader from the opposite side, tribe or the writer.
We should not forget those investors those investors we are trying to convince to come and establish companies so that our people can get employed, go to these websites and read news and articles about Ghana after which they through the comments. My boss always reads news on those sites simply because I have been saying good things about Ghana. I am doing what I can to sell my country to the outside world.
I will plead with those who post insults as comments to articles that they do not agree with to desist from that : DO NOT POST A CRAP AS A COMMENT. We cannot continue to disgrace mother Ghana. If you do not have anything good to say or comment or make a constructive criticism, just shut your freaking mouth up! Let us express our thoughts in a more mature way and be more discerning if we want to move the nation forward. Jaw jaw is better than war war!
Let us maintain the Ghanaian culture of respect for the elderly and care for one another. We those in the diaspora will continue to sell Ghana to the outside world.