Feature Article of Monday, 2 July 2012

Columnist: Nokobi, Tete

Kwesi Pratt, His hate-love speeches on Radio Gold

Folks, if u are looking for the devil incarnate, or an earthly representation of dubious Homo sapiens, Kwesi Pratt has no competitor!! I made the sad mistake to listen to a playback of Alhaji and Alhaji and I was shocked at the amount of hatred, vitriol, vilification and crass ignorance displayed by kwesi Pratt. His hatred for the NPP and its leadership is actually eating his mind!!! He refers to some persons in the NPP leadership as his bosom friends, yet he has no kind words for them!!! What kind of a human being is this? This is a man who fed from the crumbs of Nana Akuffo Addo until he found strength in his feet, yet he denigrates the man as if he has stolen his kelewele!! Kwesi Pratt has a problem with the current NDc admin being referred to as Mills Mahama admin!!! Why shd that be an issue for discussion? Is Mahama, the man who nearly mortgage our oil for a little known Chinese company not the deputy to Egya Atta? With all sincerity, making reference to Mahama rather bode well for his image and political future as his name will be imprint on the minds of Ghanaians!! If there is any reason under this planet that the No 2 will detest his name being associated with the govt that he has presided over several times is the fact that, the govt is a non performing govt no one wants to associate with!! There is this saying that, victory has many fathers, but defeat is a father of none!! Do we take it that, the Vice President anger at him being align to this govt undermine his political fortunes because of the gross failures of the Mills Mahama Admin?, sorry Mills admin? Kwesi Pratt in his frenzy to score political points made a very copious admission, albeit unintended that, the NPP realizing Egya Atta failing health may not permit him to contest the forthcoming election has began a calculated warfare to besmear John Casanova Mahama before the battle is enjoined. This same idiot, who referred to Osafo Marfo as his bosom friend took him to the gutters!!! Kwesi Pratt claims to know economics more than the folks who learned, lived and breaths economics!! He accused Osafo Marfo of making "pedestrian" analysis of the economy and as for Dr Bawumia, despite his Doctorate degree in economics, he knows next to nothing!!! One feature on the program very poignant was the saintly behavior of the other panelist!!! I never knew the loquacious trio of Felix Kwakye Ofosu, Fifii Kwetey and gutter lawyer David Anann could be that attentive, non-disruptive, and listen-in with rapt attention on any civilized radio or TV program. However, at the sermon of Apostle Kwesi Pratt on Radio Rwanda, these three protégés of Prof Mills listen-in with apostolic attention that, a pin drop at 20 feet could be heard!!! What was however lacking on the program was an alternative voice or idea for listeners to make informed decisions or choices!! The four sang in unison and the host gyrating with smiles, although unseen but can be detected from her occasional leading questions to arm the panelist to throw more venom! Kwesi Pratt, David Anann, Fifii Kwetey and Felix Ofosu Kwakye on a radio program is symmetrical to Hitler and his henchmen passing judgment on the Russians! The quartet amplified and provided in-fillings to each others submission as if they have rehearsed their lines!!! Sincerely speaking, Kwesi Pratt is not just a social and political nuisance commentator, he is a nation wrecker!!! If this guy is not check, he will singlehandedly plunged our dear nation into chaos!! The kinds on commentary he runs on that program is very dangerous, vexatious, alarming, divisive and incendiary!!! What is more nauseating is that, he is held in high esteem by the large bunch of uninformed presenters and he never ceases to ride the waves. It is abt time his wings are clipped; otherwise he is a looming catalyst to explode a nuclear kind of bomb in Kwame Nkrumah Ghana!!