Feature Article of Saturday, 23 June 2012

Columnist: Forson, Paa Kwesi

Unanswered Questions Of The Ghanaian


1. Why do Ghanaian politicians wait five (5) months or less to elections before they commence fixing our street lights, roads, gutters, and school buildings?

2. Why do we pay GH 1 at the tollbooth of the motorway and yet we can’t drive without meeting potholes upon potholes?

3. Why are our Ghanaian doctors qualified enough to treat the ordinary Ghanaian but unqualified to take care of the medical needs of the President of the republic and other state officials?

4. Why do our politicians take delight in unveiling KVIPs, boreholes, and appearing on biased platforms?

5. Why does Ghana produce oil and yet gas is scares and petrol is getting expensive by the day?

6. Why does Ghana produce cocoa in higher quantities and yet cocoa farmers cannot afford a single bar of chocolate?

7. Why should a bottle of Coke/Pepsi sell at a high price of GH 1 while almighty Malta Guinness sells at GH 1.50?

8. Why does beauty pageants, reality shows, and the like attract better sponsorship than programmes such as Science and Maths Quiz, What Do You Know, Leukemia or Dyslexia Awareness?

9. Are the many Police Checkpoints on our roads a wing of the Internal Revenue Service or a crime-fighting unit, or both?

10. Why are our airways never free of the usual NDC-NPP noise making?

11. What do politicians mean when they say a project is in the pipeline?

12. When last did you hear your Member of Parliament talk in Parliament?

13. How come ECG and Ghana Water Company never have competitors?

14. Why do we have to wait till after 11pm to make free calls?

15. And why do telecommunications operators even use the phrase “Free Night Call” when the word ‘free’ is carved with a conditionality?

16. What does Ghana Telecom, Ghana Airways, Ghana Water Company, etc. have in common?

17. Why are people left to die helplessly at hospitals because they don’t have a NHIS card at hand?

18. Why do we even pay NHIS premiums and still enjoy longer queues, lesser attention and inferior service at our local hospitals?

19. What is wrong with our road network that traffic congestion never ceases on them?

20. Why must every small thing that happens in Ghana call for the setting up of a committee of inquiry?


21. Who keeps track of our oil money?

22. Are you living a comfortable life as a Ghanaian?

23. And why are the monies realized from exporting our gold, cocoa, iron, bauxite, manganese, diamond not being used to transform Ghana?

24. How independent is Ghana?

25. Why are our television stations wasting our time and spoiling our younger ones with useless, pornographic, senseless and second-rated telenovelas and soap operas at odd hours (10 a.m., 3 p.m, etc.)?

26. Since when it become normal for some hotels, schools, shops in Ghana to demand dollars for the payment of goods and services?

27. Why do some landlords/ladies refuse to pay utility bills thereby burdening their tenants?

28. Why are there too many remedial schools in the Ghanaian system?

29. Why do universities ask applicants with grades 6 to 24 to apply if only a few of them will be selected?

30. Why do marketers of herbal medicine claim to have the solutions to sexual weakness, low sperm count, and potency especially for men?

31. Why do some people alter their birth certificates and other documentations knowing fair well there are ripe for retirement?

32. Where do employers expect fresh grandaunts to get four years working experience from?

33. What happened to Apostle Kodwo Sarfo after the launch of his car brand(s)?

34. Since when did Spiritualists and pastors start erecting billboards and advertising on the television and the radio?

35. Why are some pastors suddenly employing the services of machomen to guard them?

36. Why is Mothers’ day celebration too popular than Fathers’ day?

37. Why do some youth wear darker sunglasses at night?

38. Why do drivers like insulting like that?

39. Why are Ewes called ‘Number 9’?

40. Why do Ghanaians love fighting over food and drinks at funerals, weddings and yet they do not support such projects financially?