Feature Article of Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Columnist: Kporfor, Jacob

Madam Konadu should not be the historical Eve

Every child growing in the Christian faith has been told the story of the paradise, and we would have been living in that perfect system if the serpent and Eve did not change the faith of Adam for that matter the human race for those who think the stories in the Bible are anything to go by. The serpent in its cleverness strategies and searched for the weakest side of the bond and finally penetrated.
A man is supposed to be stronger in his ability of judgement and he is created to be very analytical and that is why they are mostly found heading any society in comparison with a woman. The judgement of a man can easily be eroded if the man tunes to only the frequency of a woman.
What is the sense in forming a new party! Madam Konadu is seriously seeking to destroy all what the husband has toiled for. Is Mr. Rawlings aware of himself? Does he think of how he will be regarded if NDC is elected for the second time? Can he have the courage to approach the same people he is condemning now? He is disappointing all the people who share his view of developing this country.
Whilst I am not seen as blaming only side, President Mills needs to sit up. There is so much weakness in our judicial system. Some are taking advantage to loot the country. We need to be careful here. We don’t have to repeat the past it will be too dangerous for us as a country. Clear of those corrupt judges . You are building unbalance society with bitterness . The social gap is increasing to unappreciable extent. Cut-off some of the greediness of our lawyers otherwise we are gradually going back to the past.
Madam Konadu coming out with another party only demonstrate a high level of selfishness. When it was your turn others supported you. You can not think you know it all. There genuine ways of fighting a system but not what you are doing now. Ghana is the only country we all have . Whether it is NPP or NDC it is the good among them that we need to head us .Please stop it.