Feature Article of Monday, 11 June 2012

Columnist: The Informer

Gabby Darko Controlling NPP?

Okyeame On The Beat

(Okyame Wants To Know)

Brethren; I bring you tenderly greetings from the Most High, and believe you have all been following developments currently gaining ground both in the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) and the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP). You probably may have drawn your conclusion, particularly, on the revelations by the controversial Assin North Member of Parliament (MP), Kennedy Agyapong in his recent explosion.
In fact, before we discuss the main reason why I assemble you here today, let me use this opportunity to once again send a clear signal to those school drop-outs, who by virtue of microphone, have become relevant in the political landscape of this country, that, they do not have what it takes to fight The Informer.
Even though, I have a little respect for that failure of a journalist, Alfred nokofio Ogbamey Tetteh for taking the bold decision to further his education at IPS, I think he ends up worse than the likes of Kwame Safa-Kayi, and Malik Kwaku Baako, who we have all known to be appendages of the NPP flagbearer.
To be honest, I don’t care how this stooge of a journalist called Alfred nokofia Ogbamey decides to lead his life, but his silly attempt to discredit the Editor-In-Chief of this paper has been what is of concern to me.
To enable him put body and soul together, this hungry journalist, who could not manage his Gye Nyame Concord newspaper because of his thoughtlessness and recklessness, decided to spew all sorts of unpalatable words about the face of this paper; and I laugh.
Perhaps, this nonentity must be told who the Editor-In-Chief of this paper is, so that he does not continue to mess himself up; because, he has been asked to do so for a token to enable him take care of his family that is dying seriously of hunger.
Folks; let me drop my ink on this useless brat who has become a liability to his family, since we will meet again to exorcise the imprudence out of him.
Though, it has never been in doubt that Nana Akufo-Addo is just a moving object being remote-controlled by his Akyem brothers, pronouncements by the controversial Assin North MP has confirmed it all.
In fact, it came out that Gabby Asare Otchere-Darko was the one who lured and wrote the script that Bawumia delivered at his failed lecture, which till date, has made the NPP vice Presidential Candidate a subject of public ridicule and mockery.
There is no doubt that, Bawumia is today the nation’s number one latrine economist as a result of the ineffectual presentation that Gabby forced him to make.
According to Kennedy Agyapong, he wonders why the NPP has allowed Gabby to dictate how things should be done in the party. He went on to say that, the party has succumbs to the demands that, now it was clear to him that he is their “God”.
By Kennedy Agyapong’s comments, can one conclude that Gabby is the one controlling the party because of his relationship with Nana Akufo-Addo or what? Okyeame wants to know if Akufo-Addo is an “Otoolege” and has no control over his party.