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NPP are too Complacent - I hate that!


2012-06-06 04:39:08
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NPP are too Complacent - I hate that!

All looks certain by the social economic hardships of the people that Ghanaians all over the country are crying for a reddemer for a regime change come December. But that certainly should not make the NPP to sleep in their comfort zone assuming all is well to win back power, as no political power is won on a silver plater. NPP must be seen walking the talk to do the door to door political message deliveries for a total knock out of these unsrupulously incompetent "woyomenised" criminals.

More so, as evidently exhibited by the NDC armed tyrants and hoodlums, the NPP have a lot to do to enssure security for their supporters for a massive turn out to vote the party to power come December without any fear of intimidation and panic of them going out there to vote.

I'm getting worried because the NPP are yet to pull and put all hands on deck and the fight seems to have been left to Nana/Bawumia alone. I want to see the visible involvements of the Kufuors, Kyeremantengs, Alihus, I. C Quayes, and all the NPP big guys from all the corners of the country getting invole in the winnable campaign right now as tomorrow might be too late for people to have a mind change. Complecency should not be allowed to play any role in these noble political challenges to save the country from sinking to wreckage.

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