Feature Article of Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Columnist: Dugubrame, Noah Asare

What At All Is Special About Akuffo Addo?

On Nana Addo's re-election to lead the main opposition party NPP in this 2012 polls, many both within and outside the party had reservations. Some vehemently fought to thwart any attempt of his successful re-election to bear the red blue white flag.

Many have openly declared that the election of Nana Addo to lead the NPP could spell another loss in 2012. Whilst some said he did not appeal to floating voters some some will have preferred someone more liberal and soft.

But as news unfold everyday Nana Addo seem to have something very special about him that other candidates elected for the other parties in this 2012 context lack. Nana Addo's popularity in recent times cannot be attributed to the size of his party alone, but his personal hard work and the pushing desire to show himself to the electorates personally. He has stood out as a very hardworking man. Walking the four conners of Ghana and personally interacting with all classes of people is no easy job. In this sense I believe his hard working nature makes him stand out among the lot.

I have always remained in suspense to see a single publication at least from "the Diabolic NDC Rented Press" of Nana Addo's involvement in a single corrupt activity after all their attempt to associate him to many vices has failed. And I must admit it is amazing that an African Politician and a Lawyer could stay in public service for more than 35 years without a single blemish of corruption tag on him. This to me makes the man Nana Addo very special. At least if you go to the other side of the political divide you can point to the Mabel&Johnson saga, The Woyome scandal, the CP judgement debt and Muntaka pampers and chinchinga saga in which Prof Mills is highly implicated and deeply smeared. Because in each of these cases he presided. And apparently had fore knowledge of all what has befallen us.

In the rise of the controversies surrounding the involvement of both past and present public officials acquiring public lands and properties many names popped "up, including the name of the sitting president John Mills. I have no suspicion or any doubt about Nana Addo's incorruptibility, but I was fearing that the issue could open a can of worms in his life. Not because I know he acquired any state land but I was just fearing that he too might have taken the advantage as the others. But surprisingly it also came out that Nana Addo has never gone into that as well.

It will be recorded that getting to the end of the Kuffour regime, the issue of land acquisition among some NPP officials contributed to the anger of the Gas against the party. For Nana Addo to have not taken interest in that regard makes him look very special to me among African and Ghanaian politicians.

If there is any candidate who can fight corruption in our country today among the candidates it is Nana Addo. Mills can't because he himself have got his hand stuck in it. And it is impossible to fight them if you are with them. How can you fight somebody you said you don't want to embarrass? "I am not here to embarrass the beneficiaries of the judgement debt but to find those who caused it", president Mills on the Woyome scandal said. So you can judge from here why the Woyome cade has still not be heard.

I remember in the 2008 campaign one of the main weapons used against Nana Addo was his background as one who was born into riches. And that he could not know the suffering of the masses. For him to be the first ever candidate in our today's politics to suggest a free secondary education for all is a remarkable Mark and sign of how he cares about the suffering masses. Because the issue of school fees is more of a suffering to the poor than the elite. Nana Addo has proven beyond every doubt that he really cares about the down trodden masses who end their education mostly at the JHS level.

More importantly he has portrayed in all these circumstances as someone who is not in politics to amass wealth for himself but a man with a passion for public service willing to serve his country. Nana Addo Is Ghana's best option in this 2012 decision making.

God bless our homeland Ghana!!

Noah Asare Dugubrame. Frankfurt, Germany.