Feature Article of Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Columnist: Gyan, Eric

Let’s be vigilance of negligence as a nation

In simple terms, negligence can be defined as failure to perform a responsibility. This act of negligence is one of the major problems we are facing as a nation. This is seen in almost all sectors of the economy and at various institutions. Not to take you far, in a World Cup qualifying match between Ghana and Lesotho on the 1st June, 2012 at Kumasi, the whole nation was disgraced when proceedings have to be delayed because of the failure of the floodlights. The question is: who was responsible for these floodlights since we all knew that the match will travel into the night? This is not the first time something of this sort had happened. During CAN 2008 at Sekondi- Takoradi similar incidence occurred. In fact, one cannot fathom why there is so much negligence in our nation.
Again, in that same 1st June 2012, GTV reported on the drainage system leading to the Odona River around Kwame Nkrumah Circles which has been abandoned after attempted efforts to repair it. The situation now has deteriorated since the guitars are left without any warning signs. The danger, as reported by GTV is yet to be experienced now that the rains has stated. Are we waiting for the nation’s capital to be flooded once again and for damages to be caused before we react?
Moreover, Metro TV also reported about an accident that occurred in that same 1st June at the Tema-Accra motorway as result of pot-holes in the motorway. This pot-hole did not develop just a day. They have been there for sometimes now, and we have lost a lot of lives and continue to loose lives as a result of these pot-holes, yet nothing is being done about these pot-holes.
There is one thing I have realized and that is many at times, some institutions and individuals failed to perform their responsibilities till something bad happens. Then, they give us ninety nine reasons why they have not been able to perform their duties and add that plans are in the pipe lines to get the problem fix. Besides, the best some district, Municipal and Metropolitan assemblies and at times the government have done is to offer some solution after damage has been caused.

I believe it is hard time the nation begins to bring persons, organizations and institution as well as government and government agencies to book when they failed to perform their responsibilities. The reason being that negligence has caused us a lot as a nation. For instance, many people have died in hospitals because of negligence of some health officers, properties worth thousands of Ghana cedis have been destroyed because of negligence of some contractors, and some people are suffering untold hardship because of negligence of some districts, municipals and metropolitans assemblies to perform their duties. Furthermore, our home and office appliances have spoiled because of negligence of some service providers, the nation has lost millions of Ghana cedis as a result of negligence of some government officials, and the nation has been humiliated because of some negligence of individuals and some institutions. The list can go on and on but we need to stop it.
All hands must be on desk in fighting this menace. We need to demonstrate that negligence is against the laws of this nation and those who commit this offence must face the law notwithstanding their status, position or office. Such people need to understand also that their conduct of negligence breach their pledge to be faithful and loyal to Ghana and serve Ghana with all their strength and with all my heart as stated in the nation’s pledge.

We must all help in making Ghana a better place to live by curbing this unfaithfulness and disloyal attitude of negligence. Lawyers, the police service as well as other law enforcing agencies must impeach individuals and institutions whose negligence is dragging the nation into total obliteration and humiliation. As individuals, organisations and media, we must know that we may be contributing to this act of negligence if we fail to report any act of negligence around our areas of jurisdiction. The time to come down on negligence is now.

Gyan Eric.
(The Present Age Advocates, Ghana)