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NDC Dreamers, Keep on Dreaming and Make us more Dreams

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2012-06-19 12:46:04
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“Foreign medical checkups are normally for second and third opinions which are allowed and they will come normally from the professionals who normally recommend the second opinion and this is what is happening in this instance. “This is not an instance of no confidence from the President on Ghanaian health delivery. We have very efficient and respected professionals and the President does not intend to slight them or doubt their competence.”**

--Okudzeto Ablakwah, Deputy Information Minister--

So the President is not going to USA to seek 'normal' medical check-up but is going to seek special opinion on something that came up in his first, normal check-up in Ghana? This is where the problem is, the President and his staff trying to pull a fast one on Ghanaians. Ghanaians in 2012 are not like Ghanaians even in 1990, our populace is more educated and can sieve lies from the truth. You don't call second or third opinion for some abnormality that came up after a routine or normal check-up the first time as ANOTHER 'NORMAL' check up.

The President could have told us he was going to USA for medical treatment and not normal medical check up and we would have understood The President and his staff should respect the intelligence of Ghanaians because we are not "leemies" that these chew and pour educated schoolboys at the castle can lie to.

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