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NDC Dreamers, Keep on Dreaming and Make us more Dreams

Comment: keep up the good work of dreams

2012-06-01 09:17:25
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NDC Dreamers, Keep on Dreaming and Make us more Dr

i don not live in ghana but as ghaian living abroad, i care so much for the nation ghana because, that is my motherland and i will one day settle down there.
anytime i talk to somebody in ghana, all you can hear is that, things are too tough in ghana under the watch of mr mills.
people cannot aford normal food stuff anf daily meals. the government has never been able to create a one single new job but he is making noise.the boys of ndcs are looting the country money and are insulting everybody daily on fms and our televisions.
the governmemnt has not been able to bring wayome gargatuam theft to a book and so many negative sfuff like ndc boys and macho brutalizing other non ndcs. all these are unwelcome and must not continue
people must be able to share their ideas without the government of atta mills jailing them.
the ndc government has failed ghanains and they do not deserve any chance to rule the nation
we must allow the competent leaders to rule so they can use our rall materials to cretae job for the people of ghana. ghana can become an industrial nation if we are able to crete factories and process our own rall materials.
on this note, i propose nana akufo addo, a very experience person in politics so far, who also happen to have a vice with the highest experience so far to handle the economy of ghana
please its time to let go of politcs of colour, he is from my town or tribe so i have to vote for him, or he is in the same religion as mine so lets vote for him. and also let us reject every politician who is using lies, bribbery to steal the heart of the people.
we need free education in ghana and new jobs for our graduates and non educated ghaians.
besides, we must unite together as ghaian and reject all sort of harsh insults on our radios,tv,graphics by the curent politicians
thank you and may God bless you.

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06-01 00:57
keep up the good work of dreams
06-01 09:17