Feature Article of Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Columnist: Days, John

An Open letter to Ghanaians


Fellow citizens, PEACE to you. My case for consideration is brief but very useful to the fast development of our motherland. Firstly i want to address the need for leaving our President alone and give him enough room to plan very well the execution of his program for the nation. It is a true fact that Ghana is not destined to be ruled forever by one person. That is why we have a constitution. When the previous leaders ruled for more than eight years the same people expect President J.A Mills to perform magic in four years if the governance is so simple why did they ask for two terms? IT WAS CONTINUITY. **

I am very worried about the destructive and negative stance our living Presidents are adopting in the country. They no longer want to contribute their quota to the development of mother Ghana. Some Presidents are sitting quietly on the fence with bad motives in their mind whiles the others are systematically and viciously attacking the incumbent as if they performed great miracles during their tenure of office. Do they want to tell us that during their stay in power there were no fuel shortages, no electricity, water shortages etc.? Some personalities have cooked cruelty, divisiveness, confusion and rancour all in one pot in the guise of better administration. All Ghanaians must take note that those Politicians have sent their families and cronies abroad with the Tax Payers money. They are safe there enjoying the booty; some of the students abroad are their propaganda machinery, just like their media workers. The politicians have all their travelling documents ready to fly out of the country as soon as the war starts. Fellow countrymen and women, how many of us have thousands of Dollars to buy tickets for our families to escape the fighting. Shall we leave our beloved families behind for some ruthless drug addicts to destroy our long term investments, our wives and daughters to be raped and killed? The same politicians will return to the country with the monies they have saved in the foreign banks pretending to come and solve our problems for us. Will those people build new houses for the disabled or dead FOOT SOLDIERS whom they have paid to commit those atrocities? Charles Taylor and Laurent Gbagbo are still alive. Why shall we not unite to solve the numerous Socio- economic problems we have in the country? None of our three living Presidents can match DR Kwame Nkrumah's achievements those who ruled several years left the economy in shambles. These people are going round beating their chest giving praise to themselves, afterall it is the Tax payers money, what they looted from the Nation's coffers is more than what they have done for the country.

My second point is to give fellow Ghanaians some examples of living Presidents and Prime Ministers who do not give problems to their current Leaders:

In the United States of America, there are FOUR living Presidents viz; JIMMY CARTER,G.W BUSH SENIOR, BILL CLINTON, GEORGE BUSH JUNIOR they have given BARACK OBAMA the peace of mind to rule the country. The United Kingdom has the aged IRON LADY -MARGARET THATCHER,JOHN MAJOR, TONY BLAIR ,GORDON BROWN, they do not stand at TRAFALGAR SQUARE each morning crying for food for foot soldiers. Prime Minister David Cameron, born in 1966 has the freedom to perform his duties till the end of his mandate.

In our own Africa, South Africa has the Champion leader NELSON MANDELA. Nigeria has MUHAMMADU BUHARI and GENERAL OLUSEGUN OBASANJO who are not an ALBATROSS hanging on Goodluck Jonathan's neck. Let our politicians also show that statesmanship and MATURITY to the whole world. Bill Clinton and his wife Hillary (Secretary of State) are not forming a party within a party in the USA.

Finally, i want to remind Ex President K A Kufour that Clinton will come to Ghana for the THIRD time to meet the Guinea worms cases unsolved in the country. J.A.Kufour has not gone to the Northern Regions to find out the situation there, he needed only their votes. Kofi Adams should help Ex President J.J. Rawlings to start a foundation NOW. It should be SKILLED and TRADES TRAINING INSTITUTE. If the training starts he will produce the qualified and employable people for the job market. It is shameful to blame J.A Kufour for causing his master's inability to establish a foundation. The Rawlingses should not shamefully attend NPP functions when they are using ATAYI money for better things. Has JJ Rawlings now added two feet to the height of Nana Addo- Danquah so today he is a giant no longer a dwarf? Has his wife polished the NPP flag bearer’s face to make him presentable to be our President? What a mischievous and disgraceful couple. Because of the hatred for President Mills even when they are pulling the nook tighter round their necks they are happy. The NPP is waiting patiently for them in January, 2013. President J.E.A MILLS, VICE PRESIDENT JOHN MAHAMA, please fulfill all your promises before the end of the year. MR J.N.NEWMAN remember you are no longer in the COCOBOD,please release the tax payers money for the projects NO PROCRASTINATION, TIME IS AGAINST YOU. Thank you all for the patience.

God bless our mother land.