Feature Article of Saturday, 19 May 2012

Columnist: Iddrisu, Alhaji Bature

Re: An Open Letter To Alhaji Bature Iddrisu

Re: An Open Letter To Alhaji Bature Iddrisu


Thanks Massa, however, before I even respond I will want to make it clear to you that I don't subscribe to your concluding remarks. Yes, much as I know you have the nation, NDC and particularly Mills at heart, I think you were unfair to the president.

No disciplined leader or organization can and would tolerate Martin's gross insubordination and betrayal; I therefore don't have a problem with that.

I also don't know by whose plain truth you’ve arrived at a conclusion that Mills, as a leader is a disaster. It may be a perception of his natural political opponents like the desperate NPP, perhaps and people like you and the ilk of your mentors Jerry Rawlings, Konadu and Martin Amidu, who strongly believe that for not adhering to your advice and at times interference, Mills is a failure.

For Heaven’s sake, he is human and therefore fallible.

However, we must juxtapose his weakness against his strength and see whether that makes him a failure. He may be weak, meek and politically uninspiring, yet I honestly believe that with the exception of the great Osagyefo, he has performed more than any Ghanaian leader within a three and half year in office.

Of course, I have always concurred with you that there are so many wrongs in our society and there are many other thing we should have been doing which we have neglected. Like the assets declaration by the President, his Vice, ministers and public officials and their wives and the fact that we were late in moving to China to secure funding for the expansion of our infrastructure and other strategic developmental programmes. These concerns are genuine and I am not in any mood to debate you on that, but let’s evaluate the overall objectives and delivery of the President and his government across all sectors of our national development vis-à-vis the three and half years he has been in office and compare that with those of other leaders of the nation since independence.

December would certainly be a referendum on Mills’ tenure as president, and I am of a strong conviction that despite his short comings, Akufo Addo cannot be the alternative, he is not a replacement because I know Ghanaians cherish their peace, they prefer honest and God-fearing leader, never mind even if he is uncharismatic, and I believe; he would certainly be retained. However in the event that he loses, so be it, after all democracy dictates that power should be rotational and I understand that very well.

Massa, no president in our political history has been confronted with the kind of massive (‘twin’) opposition (within and without) as Mills, yet he remain focus, steadfast and producing results, never mind even if it is slow.

I also don't agree with your assertions about sycophancy in the NDC government. You must realize that it’s not all who believe and support Mills have interest in material gains, and myself, as you may know is a typical example. I am rather expending my scarce resources to encourage the government and the president to deliver on the better Ghana they have promised the people, because I have absolute confidence and faith in them. As for your proposal on Konadu becoming a vice president, I think you are the only Ghanaian living in a different world. I cannot see how Ghanaians can tolerate another Rawlings dynasty; that is what you are suggesting. They have not forgotten the atrocities suffered under her and her husband’s rule.

They cannot forget her greed in the acquisition of state assets under her hubby's rule left right and centre. Am really amazed hearing you, an ardent human rights campaigner and defender of truth 'propagating' Konadu, a heartless and vindictive woman? Am sorry Massa! Bro, rest assured that irrespective of your misgivings about him, (President Atta Mills), I can today predict and assure you that, come later December this year, President John Mills would be retained as president of Ghana. Thanks however for your observations and suggestions, and no ill feelings Massa. Cheers!

By Alhaji Bature Iddrisu