Feature Article of Friday, 11 May 2012

Columnist: Oheneba, Patrick

Open Letter To Ghanaian


I am patriotic citizen of our blessed Ghana and I am so proud to be a Ghanaian. I want to draw attention of my fellow Ghanaian to some few point especially NPP executives.

We are in few months to the election and I want NPP to win this election, because professor Mills led NDC administration has miss lead Ghanaian, fail Ghanaian and is wasting the country resources and this is coursing Financial lost to the state. I will come to this point Leather and you will understand why I am saying he is coursing Financial lost to mother Ghana.

As the election is at the Conner, I am advising all NPP executive that any time they get a chance to mount any platform, they should ask ALL NDC members to vote for Nana Akuffo-Addo led NPP administration to power,

As we need ALL NDC member to vote for us NPP, it will help if we can see them as our brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers, we need to be friends and be nice with them so we can get their vote, we don’t have to fight or hate them as we won’t get their vote when we do that.

NPP should go out and explain the way NDC is destroying and wasting our resources. Hope we are all aware that President Mills has borrow money from abroad more than any other President in the history of Ghana but let’s compare the money all the past Presidents has borrow and see what they did with the money they borrow and you will see that President Mills is costing financial lost to the state and we should hold him accountable.

Have you been travel from Nsawam to Suhum, do you know that road was started by Formal President Kuffou and was funded by the tax payer’s money and it has now been abundant by President Mills led administration. Are you aware that the money NDC pay for Wayome could have finish that road, do you know how many accident happing on that road each day?

Secondly, are you aware that all the affordable housing formal President Kuffo started also has been abundant and that also was built by the tax payer’s money? If indeed the President Mills think about Ghana, why didn’t he finish that project before start another one?

Do you think it was necessary for President Mills to change the uniform of the Police or let alone talk about the way leaders are playing with our education, sometimes I ask myself, can’t the Ghana Education service do anything better to stop the way our Leaders are changing our Junior High School (JHS) from four years to three year and so on. My research tell me that ALL the projects that the Government claimed to have done, such as Schools, Roads, Hospital, light etc are all done by the loan from another country or a foreign donors, this make me ask, what are the leaders doing with the money from our natural resources such as Gold, timber, cocoa, oil, , taxes, the money from the port etc.

So I want to find out from our leaders including the past once, how will Ghana be without the loan from abroad?

The last thing I want to draw your attention is the presidential house which is called the Fight star house, this Presidential house has cost a lot to build and was built by the taxpayer’s money, and this project also has been abundant. I personally believe that President Mill led NDC administration is NOT competent to lead Ghanaian any more so please vote them OUT comes December 2012

I can go back to that previous President’s the projects which was abundant by them.

My question is this, so do our leaders really think about the nation or their party? Why can’t we have National agenda instead of party agent?

Does the DEMOCRACY good for Ghana at all?

I am asking our honourable MP’s to make a law which will ask our leaders to focus on national agenda instead of Party agenda.

Formal President Kuffou brought national health insurance which has help all Ghanaian and now Nana Akuffo Addo is promising Free SHS education.

As your reading this letter, I am asking you to encourage as many people as possible to cast their vote to bring Nana Akuffou Addo led NPP Administration back to the power as I knew they have Ghana at heart

God bless Ghana. Long live Ghana

Victory for NPP 2012.