Feature Article of Monday, 7 May 2012

Columnist: Laryea, Raphael Quaye-Mensah

Give Peace A Chance

It is about a month now since the shameful act of misdemeanor displayed its ugly head at the Odododiodo Constituency in the Greater Accra region of Ghana. Some unscrupulous individuals of the NDC manhandle some NPP members which culminated into an unwelcome statement of calling Ashanti’s to war with the Gas and Ewes by Kennedy Agyepong, NPP MP representing Assin North in parliament of the Republic of Ghana.
As a matter of fact I sat quietly to reflect on these negative acts to ask myself challenging questions that need equally tailored answers.
First and foremost, why this unscrupulous actions and statements, Secondly, are politicians above the law?
/Thirdly, should such an act be tolerated? Admittedly what is at hand for our consumption presently is the unwelcome statement made by a law maker of Kennedy Agyepong’s caliber.
Obviously, I need no reply from any quarters but, to boldly condemn such reckless statement from a man of repute
Certainly, globally, two wrongs do not make a right; I am therefore joining the sweet melodious chorus to condemn in totality this ill motive.
That notwithstanding, customs ,traditions and cultures of the three ethnic groups entangled in this web of misunderstanding strongly disagree with Kennedy Agyepongs call for war .The Gas, Asante’s and the Ewes alike are tribes that can boast of rich and enviable customs ,traditions and cultures so precious to taste..History had it that Odododiodo is a powerful tool used by the people of Ashiedu Keteke to invoke war. In fact it is a tradition which hitherto was being adhered to by the dwellers of that Constituency and very much respected by the Gas. Why then should it be carelessly used as a Constituency name with the elders of the Ga land sitting unconcerned? Lets us be mindful of the fact that names have meaning which in most cases work to perfection according to traditions, customs, beliefs and norms of the elders. As such it should not be permissible for anyone at all to fall prey to.
It will interest you to note that, nothing can compel or trigger Ashantis to go out of their way and wage war against any tribe EXCEPT, an order from the apex of the Ashanti kingdom, the Ashantehene . Likewise the Ewes and the Gas. Among the Ewes the onus lies on the Togbes and with the GA confederacy , the Ga Mantse. King or chief of the Ga’s and then the Akwaashontse, one of the subjects to the Ga kingship.
It is indeed very relevant and therefore essential to take matters of this nature serious and do according to what is in stock for us as a people, pertaining to our customs, traditions and cultures.
There is a sensible saying in Ga that” KUSUM GBOO” which literally means “TRADITION NEVER DIE”
Indeed, TRADITION and for that matter CUSTOMS never die, yet some need to be revisited and modified because, situations and conditions MUST be dynamic. This philosophy delves deep to reawaken our consciousness with regards to our God Given Gifts which includes our customs ,traditions ,cultures and values.
It is a fact that our deliberations on issues relating to GAS, ASHANTIS and EWES points fingers at the universal set which is Ghana our motherland.
It is rather unfortunate that a country so respected like Ghana is witnessing such a shameful act to discredit its creditability. This needs to be denounced by all without any fear or favour.
However, we MUST not be forgetful to attach value and respect to our rich customs, traditions and cultures which are formidable guide to us in virtually all our endeavours with regards to our ethnicity. I humbly suggest the RENAMING of Odododiodo to its former name ASHIEDU KETEKE.
Another issue at stake to be addressed is the korley-klotey constituency. Korley and klotey are two distinct lagoons having two different locations: Accra Central (Ga Mashi) and Osu respectively . As the Ga adage goes “ATSWA HI FE MOR MLI NI ATSA”aloo,”ATSWA HI FE LAAT3 S33”proverbially meaning “A STITCH IN TIME SAVES NINE
On this note ,I entreat all to put “water into their guns “and allow peace and tranquility to prevail to enable us thread cautiously as we battle with DEVELOPMENT as a developing nation.

Raphael Quaye-Mensah Laryea