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Hon. Kennedy Agyapong - a Victim of Selective Justice

Comment: James 1:5

2012-04-20 12:53:16
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Hon. Kennedy Agyapong - a Victim of Selective Just

I would like to caution all my compatriots on this forum to thankt GOD that they are Ghanaians. When we talk in terms of democracy in Africa,GHANA comes first. This being the reason Obama bypassed his father's country(kenya) and visited Ghana first. Thanks to Rawlings(my enemy since 79') and president Kufour(the gentle giant) . What is going on in the country at present is unfortunate. Nii Lantey's action and inaction propelled Ken to issue that statement however , Kennedy should have pondered a little about this useless statement. Who knows whether 'opportunists' in both Ewe and Asante lands are taking advantage. The president should put his foot down and stamp up these upheavals. Any head of a family or institution or country is a teacher,is a commander,is a father or mother and is a police so professor Mills(colleague) is a POLICE in civilian outfit. There is no good place under the sun like your own country. We should therefore work hard to preserve the good name of Ghana. The police force should put James 1:5 into practise. God bless our homeland Ghana.

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James 1:5
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