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Hon. Kennedy Agyapong - a Victim of Selective Justice

Comment: Kennedy Agyapong is a hero

2012-04-20 07:01:09
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Re: Hon. Kennedy Agyapong - a Victim of Selective

I would like to know why the police,the BNI and NDC had arrested our brave hero Hon.Kennedy Agyapong.He is the wisest and the bravest in Ghana.He exposed the corrupt and uncivilized behaviour of the NDC government which is plunging Ghana into a civil war which only the Asantes would win.The NDC and biased Security were after him for exposing Woyome,s GHC60M saga.But because Kenny is brave he never hid and said what he had to say.He said what right thinking Ghanaians would say.If what Kenny said was an offence why was Lantey Vanderpuiye still not arrested? a tribal idiot who said no Akan should be allowed to register in his area.Was this not enough to incite tribal war? The stinking Ewes are happy Kenny is arrested.These smelly Ewes donot produce anything towards Ghana,s economy.They hate and envey their masters the Asantes yet the Asantes feed them by employing them to weed and attend the cocoa farms.Hon Kennedy Agyapong should be set free because Ghana needs people like him.We Asantes support him 100% and will stand by him day and night.God bless Kenny AGYAPONG,God bless ASANTES,God bless Ghana.

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Kennedy Agyapong is a hero
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