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Hon. Kennedy Agyapong - a Victim of Selective Justice

Comment: Idiocy, lame excuses for a lame nation

Nana Amma Momapo Obenewaa
2012-04-20 06:53:51
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Hon. Kennedy Agyapong - a Victim of Selective Just

In Ghanaian democracy, one can incite violence against certain ethnic groups and be let off the hook just by conjuring a medical condition. How many people would have died just because human idiocy took over reason all in the name of politics? Who stands with the potential victims of Ken Agyapong’s divisive politics? Nobody, not even the State, which overreacted on this matter; killing a bloody tsetse-fly with an atomic weapon.

To claim that one is not an ethnocentrist just because one has children with a woman from an ethnic group, marked for violence, is akin to Strom Thurmond saying that he is not a racist, his bigot views and support for racist policies not withstanding, simply because he had a child with a black woman.

The fault here, I would argue, is not the debilitating sickness in our very nature, but our ailing systems; institutions that suborn foolishness by pacifying rapists (e.g. Nii Lamptey Mills), wine and dine fraudsters (e.g. Alfred Agbesi Woyome), adulates rabid politicians (e.g. Ken Agyapong, Nii Lantey Vanderpuye) and reward those who turn cocaine into sodium bicarbonate. Magic, eh!

With wealth and connections at high places becoming two key bloodlines in our politics, one could do everything in Ghanaian politics except put commonsense into productive use. With Agyapong on bail, the State looks weak and I, rightly, predicted this outcome three days ago. We are not a serious nation. Are? Hope all is well. Good day and cheers.

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04-20 00:14
Idiocy, lame excuses for a lame nation
Nana Amma Momapo Obenewaa
04-20 06:53