Feature Article of Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Columnist: Coffie, Emmanuel Dela

Reasons Why Mills Deserves Four More Years

Regardless of whether you like him or not he's doing
exactly what the people elected him to do, and he's being as successful as
anybody can be expected to be, given what he has to work with.

So, yes, he is a good president. He was given a mandate from the people in a
democratic election and he's following up on his campaign promises. President
Mills promised to run a transparent and accountable government. Many challenges
still confront us as people but he is definitely laying the solid foundation
necessary to attain the objective of a transformed industrialized nation.

Under the Mills led administration, the economy which
hitherto had high inflation, a high budget deficit, a depreciating cedi and
depleting gross international reserves has been totally turned around for the
The Macroeconomic indices attest to this feat with
several indicators showing fantastic results never achieved in Ghana’s history.
According to the revised
GDP estimate released by the Ghana Statistical Service, the economy also grew
by 14.4 percent for the period, which is 0.8 percentage points more than the
previous estimate, making Ghana the fastest growing economy in the world.
Prudent fiscal measures by
Mills administration have resulted in a sustainable single digit inflation rate
for over 15 months. Inflation rate currently stands at 8.4% being the lowest in
42 years since 1970.

The IMF/ World Bank Doing
Business report adjudged Ghana as a global best performer in access to credit
and also the best place to do business in West Africa. It is not surprising
therefore that for the first quarter of 2011 alone, 109 new businesses with an
estimated value amounting to GHC 567.66 million were established in Ghana.
Ghana investment promotion
council (GIPC) figures released shows an increase in projects registered at the
GIPC amounting to over $7billion in foreign direct investment.
Other social intervention programmes under the Mills
presidency are free uniforms, free exercise books, 50% increase in capitation
grant, elimination of schools under trees and a Mathematics, Science and Technology
Scholarship Scheme (MASTESS).

President Mills is supporting Ghanaian workers by
throwing a life line to them.

The country’s wage bill has more than doubled under the
last three (3) years from approximately two billion Ghana Cedis to over five
billion Ghana Cedis.

President Mills has therefore put more money in the
pockets of Ghanaian workers who are better off today than they were.
Government has made huge payment as salaries to workers
by way of migrating about 97% of government workers onto the single spine
salary structure.
Life expectancy has shot up from 53 years to 64.2
years, an increase of 11 years (Latest United Nations Human Development Index)
Never in the history of Ghana has a president and his
party worked so actively in the interest of people.

There is transparency in government business, and in three
short years, President Mills has made giant strides in the area of investing
heavily in the economic infrastructure of the country.
find the President to be very forthright and honest. Something I never saw in
John Kufuor.
him or hate him he is a world of difference and that's a good thing.

Yes he is because he is working hard to restore Ghana's
reputation in the world after Kufuor dragged us through the gutter.
In general, Mills has been a good leader. He has been
able to bring governance to the door steps of the ordinary Ghanain. He was left
with Kufuor's huge mess and you
can't expect him to be like a magician and change everything at will.
A President, who has been reviled, lied about, called
names and faced more obstruction and hate than anyone. He alone is trying to
restore hope in Ghanaians.

Against him and
Ghana is the entire New Patriotic Party (NPP) who seek the failure of Ghana to
gain their own political power.

There is no better man to lead Ghana, anywhere, ever.

I shall be back
Dela Coffie