Feature Article of Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Columnist: Dugubrame, Noah Asare

NDC And The Rawlings Factor.

The National Democratic Congress and the Rawlingses are quiet inseparable. In fact the name Rawlings can be synonymous to NDC. It will be a tall task for anybody, no matter how illustrious to split the marriage between the NDC as a party and it's founder, Flt Lt Jerry John Rawlings and his family.

To begin with, the NDC as a party was found basically on the principles, believes and ideologies of the former Head of State. Indeed, without Rawlings on the scene there could have been no NDC. It can be said that he single handedly brought NDC into being.

Of course there may have been key players in putting the ideas together to make it a reality. But the fact still remains that no one can rubbish the sacrifice that the charismatic Rawlings has done to bring the party to life and to keep it going till now. Most of those who contributed to the building of the party were attracted to it because of Rawlings' influence and wealth. Almost all of them are direct beneficiaries of Rawlings' sacrifices rather than sacrificial contributors.

When Rawlings laid his life on the line in the revolutionary days most of the people who are claiming prominence in the party today had never been heard of. Rawlings' fame bought them popularity. His riches has made them wealthy. His influence gave them connections to good sources.

It is of no need mentioning his imprisonment, torture and persecution because it is common knowledge. He stood the hot and difficult times and pressed on. His efforts are the ones which have yielded what has today turned into the harvest fields of many greedy opportunistic sycophants who in the past pretended love and loyalty to the Rawlingses.

In the nut shell NDC has no ideals, ideologies and principles if the Rawlings factor is taken out. His bloody thumb print of the party manifesto at Koforidua was a symbolic act to remind everyone that when his finger nails were pulled off, the blood that oozed out forms part of the reason of the existence of a party called NDC. The existence of the NDC today can be traced to the days he spent in the dungeons of James Town awaiting his death sentence execution.

Putting anyone in Rawlings' shoe, he will probably do worst than what he is being accused of. Being allienated in your own house won't be taken lightly by anybody. More so when he has vehemently defended many of them and stood with them in all the odds. Like President Mills, Rawlings virtually imposed him on the party in his first candidature. As hard as his elders fought against it he defended him and made him stand. He took some of them from the grass and has brought them into grace. I know you, my dear reader knows many names relating to this.

Attempts in these last three years to separate the Rawlimgses from the NDC will undoubtedly backfire dangerously. The ideas of getting Rawlings' hands off the NDC is a serious damage being done to the party.

I am not necessarily sympathising with Papa J. But as bad as he may look in the eyes of some critics of him, the fact still remains that the NDC was founded, nurtured and groomed to this heigh by him. Any other contribution is only a help that complimented his efforts. I will sincerely wish the NDC to continue to stand as a strong Political force to challenge the NPP and to keep them on their toes just as I wish for the NPP.

Kicking Rawlings out at this time however will diminish my wish and the wish of many. Because even if President Mills wins 2012 without the backing of Rawlings, what happens when he finishes his obligatory two year term. I will implore those steering the affairs of NDC to start a more serious consideration of how fix Rawlings in his rightful place in the party to avoid any doom. It is worth remembering that without Rawlings there can be no NDC. Mills and his lieutenants should not dare bite the very finger which is feeding them. Our elders say that if there is no money to pay the old lady for her pito, restrain your hands from breaking her calabash. They can share in "gargantuan" style among themselves, but they should leave Rawlings and his party intact. Or those who think Rawlings is too demanding can leave his party for him.

You can't hate the water and enjoy it's fish. Mills should forget hypocrisy and submit to the Rawlingses. If their aim is to use chieves and later say we have done our best, they should come again.

God bless our Homeland Ghana.

Noah Asare Dugubrame. Frankfurt, Germany.