Feature Article of Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Columnist: Osabutey, Daniel

Gettom Calls For Peaceful Registration Exercise

BY: Dennis Narterh Adzigodi, Accra.

The violence that has characterized the biometric registration exercise in some regions should be of great concern to all peace lovers. Why should people engage in acts of lawlessness ostensibly to promote their parties interest?. The gun shots witnessed in some registration centres in the Ashanti and Brong Ahafo regions should be condemned irrespective of your political affiliation. It is incomprehensible why people would decide to break our electoral laws with impunity. Carrying guns and other weapons to registration centres is unfortunate and for people to sustain gun shots wounds because of voters registration is most regrettable. Such reckless and uncivilized behaviour is a serious threat to national peace. We wish these victims speedy recovery and extend our sympathies to their families . We have confidence in our security agencies and have no doubt all those involved in this criminal act would be made to face the full rigours of the law. It is gratifying to hear that the B/A regional security have formed special police patrol teams to ensure law and order during the on-going registration exercise.
Get Together Movement ( GETOM) is making a passionate appeal to all Ghanaians to exercise restraint to ensure a peaceful registration exercise . Politicians and their supporters should be law abiding by respecting the political parties code of conduct which was signed by all their leaders. Engaging in unsubstantiated allegations against each other and against the officials of the electoral commission (EC) can discredit the whole exercise.
Let’s be patriotic and nationalistic by seeking the interest of Ghana first. Political parties must follow the due process in having their grievances resolved. Harassing registration officials cannot be a panacea to your ( Parties) grievances. All hands should be on deck to assist the electoral commission to rectify the challenges confronting the biometric registration exercise to ensure a success. Let’s all join the crusade for a peaceful exercise culminating in a credible biometric voter register for a peaceful election on 7th December,2012. God Bless Ghana.

Daniel Osabutey ( 0277-722587)
Initiator of Get Together Movement ( GETOM)