Feature Article of Saturday, 24 March 2012

Columnist: tark-ben

There is nothing like adisadel college nowadays

adisdel college was every boy's dream school. but now people prefer cape
coast technical institute rather than adisadel college. the question is
why?? every school in ghana is purposely meant for academic achievement,
but adisco is purposely meant for money?. it was not suprising whe the 2011
candidates had no grade A in english. and the most wicked aspect of it is
that, the so called headmaster had to call the teachers to present their
certificates. i dont even understand why teachers of the school always
curse the students and wish them bad luck in life. i can never think of an
occasion where the school building was painted with a quality paint, rather
than white wash which cost lesser than thhe ten cedis house dues every
student pay.it wont be suprising that teachers will kill the moral of final
year students who are already thinking of how the 2011 sudents were treated
in the the examination hall. and a police supervisor had to ask if they
were really teachers of the school,for shouting on a student whose answer
sheet mistakingly fell on the ground. how can student eat gari and soup
twice a week whilst administration eat fufu almost every day.do we pay
boarding fee for teachers to be fed?? well i hope quick changes will come
for the school not to collapse accademically. the administaration is the
worst administration governing the school and i promise that none of my
children will go to adisadel college. i wish wesley girls will never be
compared with adisco because adisco is far lower from it. adisco staff
should continue taking 70 cedis as bond fee and spend them on those
excursions and chilling they enjoy. God help us.

a concerned old boy.