Feature Article of Saturday, 24 March 2012

Columnist: Donkor, Samuel

The Politics of Insults Phenomenom

- pride and prejudice

by Samuel Donkor

Recently, politics of insults has propped up within the body politics of the country, which does not augur well for the young democracy.

This phenomenon has come about with the new crop of politicians, especially the youth, who are inexperience, arrogant, egoistic, and without human understanding , take governance as a platform for personal aggrandizement, resulting in politics of insults and personal attacks. They are full of pride and prejudice and feel they can play down on the people's intelligence. This is dangerous and outdated tactics that destroys the unity of a nation and should not be encouraged.

Politics of insults is one of the tactics firstly applied by the Nazi party of Hitler in Germany, that caused the killings of six million Jews during the second world war. It is dirty and dangerous that needs to be stopped.

Politics of insults diverts the attention of the public and government alike from real issues with time and energy wasted on trivial debates and discussions. The government also loses focus on real policy agendas and programs, resulting in delays in developments.

This is a clear sign of weak leadership and indiscipline in governance that retards progress, which also arouses hatred and disunity among the people. But we should not forget that, it is written; 'we reap whatever we sow''. Politics of insults is also a time bomb, that could flare up anytime angers and emotions get out of control.

This is a bad political game that should not be practiced. Democracy is not about personal attacks or insults, its about real issues of governance and should be treated as such. Ghanaians should copy and copy well or be innovative to improve it to our standard and culture or not at all.


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