Feature Article of Thursday, 15 March 2012

Columnist: NPP

NPP-USA Responds to NDC-USA's Ludicrous Rebuttal

NPP-USA finds NDC-USA’s skewed rebuttal, which was published on Ghanaweb and other Media houses on March 4, 2012, as inept diversionary tactics, to shift Ghanaians’ attention from President Mills’ moral decadence and culpability in Woyome’s impudent thievery of Ghana’s money. NDC-USA’s superficial analysis of the salient issues NPP-USA raised on President Mills’ amoral character is stunningly bereft of intellectual argument and integrity. In fact, NDC-USA portrayed themselves as comic artful dodgers.
The NDC is obviously panic stricken with the exposure of President Mills’s amoral life style and his open connivance with the NDC top hierarchy to financially dupe Ghana. We reiterate our call on the President and his NDC looting brigade to rather clear the air on his involvement in the gargantuan corruption scandal and homosexual life style than deflect attention by attacking Nana Akufo-Addo based on NDC’s frivolous fabrications.
NPP-USA also condemns the analytically deficient NDC-USA’s phraseology “the NPP-USA which is a USA-based should know better” that inherently reflects their arrogance and infantile sense of superiority over home based Ghanaians, as well as disparaging their intellectual capacity.
Little did NDC-USA’s know that their statement ‘’inappropriate behavior or disorderly conduct, bad judgment and behavior simply inconsistent with the cultural norms of Ghanaians” aptly encapsulates President Mills’ sexual orientation and culpability in corruption that appropriately demands a moral obligation on his part to address them since they are of utmost concern to Ghanaians. It is ironic and intellectually dishonest that the NDC-USA deems Ghanaians’ concern on President Mills’ sexual orientation as an “exercise in rumor-mongering, vacuous noise-making and mind-numbing sophistry” when all evidences confirm it.
When a whistleblower revealed that Ato Ahwoi is President Mills’ gay partner, he threatened to sue and arrest him but Vincent Kwasi Senyah, the president of The Coalition of Gay and Lesbian Citizens of Ghana in a national press statement titled “ MR ATO AWHOI MUST SHOW PRIDE IN BEING GAY” (Ghanaweb, August 1, 2011) called on him to proudly accept without shame his sexual orientation. Vincent further commended “his (Ahwoi’s) sympathy towards our cause, including giving us 70,000 dollars for our members to conduct HIV tests and to seek treatment in South Africa and… supporting our treasurer, Kafui Amenu, … to attend Howard University in the USA on a scholarship.”
Philip Mensah Dzakpasu in his feature article of Friday, 17 February 2012 “Those Who Live In Glass Houses Should Not Throw Stones” (Ghanaweb, February 17, 201), also reveals that the President currently has two male lovers, Alfred Kissiedu and Prince Obuobisa, of University of Ghana and the Institute of Professional Studies respectively. It beats the imagination of every sensible being that when evidential names have been mentioned, the NDC-USA wants Ghanaians to simply ignore these ignominious moral decadent behavior, in total contradiction to cherished Ghanaian values, of a leader who purports to be the epitome of moral uprightness.
On the issue of the so called audiovisual recording that the NDC steadfastly parades as a triumphant trophy, it is laughable to use a doctored video made by the NDC as evidentially sufficient to denigrate the hard earned reputation of Nana Akufo Addo. Moreover, the lady in question, the supposed victim has categorically denied any fondling by Nana and those present in the studio has confirmed this when the alleged harassment supposedly occurred. The NDC’s doctored video does not meet evidential threshold to undermine Nana Addo’s moral uprightness and thus reflects the totally spurious nature of NDC-USA’s argument.
On Woyomegate, NDC-USA’s desperate defense of the indefensible is preposterous. Woyome has categorically confirmed that he did not sign any contract with President Koffour’s government and therefore logically not entitled to any compensation. The diversionary ploy to incriminate Sir John and Mr. Amoah is baseless since there is no structural linkages between the payments to them and the NDC orchestrated woyomegate. The VW saloon car Woyome bought for Sir John was payment for legal and other services Sir John rendered to him in 2004 when the gargantuan crime had not been hatched. Payment to Mr. Amoah was in relation to 20 plots of land Woyome bought for his water project in Amoah’s constituency from Nana Kwasi Ankrah III, the Chief of Kitase, near Aburi. To cover up its shameful diabolical deeds and free Woyome, the NDC government is now asserting a new line of defense with the report of the loss of pertinent files very critical to the prosecution of Woyome and his NDC comrades. Meanwhile in 2008, the NDC publicly acknowledged a smooth effective transition and transfer of all relevant government papers. The NDC must answer these questions. Since when did they discover the loss of these vital national files? If the files are missing then upon which files did they pay Woyome the gargantuan amount? Upon which file did the president decide to twice reverse the payment to him? Who are they fooling now? Those “files” were secured three years ago and it is too late for these crooks to brazenly steal from us and insult our intelligence in this democratic era. Gone is the truimphalist thinking of their brutish revolutionary era where these would go unchallenged by some Ghanaians.
NPP-USA chides NDC‘s misleading claim that the economy has grown under President Mills when the opposite is the reality. We present a few summary of President Mills’ abysmal economic record comparable to NPP’s under President Kufour. The NPP inherited a GDP growth of 3.7% from the NDC in 2000 and bequeathed to the NDC 8.4% GDP growth rate in 2008. The NDC subsequently achieved only 4.0% in 2009, 7.7% in 2010 and 13.7% in 2011 when oil discovered by the Kufour administration kicked in. Thus in 2011, non-oil GDP was 6.5%. In agricultural sector, which employs many Ghanaians, the Mills administration inherited a recorded growth rate of 7.4 percent from the NPP in 2008. Mills administration in 2009 recorded growth of 7.2 percent, 5.2 percent in 2010 and 2.8 percent in 2011.
Ghana’s current growth rate and inflation is oil induced but for the oil discovered by the Kufour administration, Ghana’s economy would have been in a sorry state under the leadership of President Mills. NDC government increased Ghana’s debt stock from $8.1 billion or ¢91 trillion in 2008 to $32.2 billion or ¢322 trillion in three years but, there is very little to show for it as growth in all sectors are declining and worsening the plight of the people. NPP introduced the Metro Mass Transit, but have been abandoned by the Mills government. In 2003, we replaced the Cash-and-Carry health delivery system with the National Health Insurance Scheme but the NDC government has run down the NHIS. The NPP introduced the Free Maternal Care for expectant and nursing mothers but the NDC government has collapsed it. The NPP introduced the Capitation Grant and the School Feeding Program in September 2004 but the NDC has politicized and messed them up. Despite the vague but “tasty” promises of a “Better Ghana Agenda” by the NDC, there is real paralysis of Mills’ leadership and only the NPP with demonstrated ability and capacity can restore prosperity, hope and dignity of life to fellow suffering Ghanaians. We reiterate our position that it will be calamitous to give President Mills and his corrupt woyomites another mandate come December 2012.
NPP-USA, Public Relations Committee.