Feature Article of Thursday, 8 March 2012

Columnist: Osabutey, Daniel

Stop Politics Of Insults And Lies

By: Daniel Osabutey
(Initiator Of Get Together Movement (Getom)).

The use of some of our media houses by Politicians to be trading in insults, lies, unsubstantiated allegations and acrimonies leave much to be desired. This is a canker which is gaining foothold and failure to take holistic and pragmatic steps to combat it will erode our moral fibre as Ghanaians. Politics is a noble profession and must be kept decent. It is becoming increasingly evident that some people are using lies and insults as a tool to propel them into Political stardom. They believe insults and lies are the quickest means of getting into Political limelight. No wonder people are made heroes and heroine for insulting and castigating past and current Presidents and other Public figures. Such culprits receive commendation from their cronies Instead of condemnation. We give headlines to people who insult the loudest. People call into Radio and Television programmes to insult and malign our leaders with impunity. Why should we create a platform for people with ulterior motive to carry out their agenda?. Political parties should take responsibility for those they put on air to represent them. People who are aggressive, intolerant, firebrand and lack the basic communication skills should be assigned different roles instead of appearing on talk shows. We have had occasions where Political parties just jumped to the defense of their members who were invited by the Police for insulting and publicly ridiculing our leaders. By this action, are we not encouraging our supporters to embark on insulting spree? .We always use freedom of speech to defend the indefensible forgetting that every freedom comes with a responsibility. Loose talk is a recipe for chaos hence the need for us to be circumspect in our utterances. It is an offence to verbally attack personalities. For the advancement of our country we must be quick to listen but slow to speak. If you have nothing constructive to say, you have to keep mute. We should stop making unguarded statements just to promote or defend our political agenda, rather let’s place issues of national concern above our political interest. We should strive to find a common way to move our nation forward rather than using foul means to make a way for our Political Parties. We must be mindful of our choice of words when addressing people irrespective of our political affiliation. The fact that you disagree with government on certain issues does not give you the right to defame their character. We must decently engage in constructive criticism for the betterment of our nation. We must arise and oppose this alien culture of insults which has found its way into our Politics and is negatively affecting our public decency, civility and morality. Our Culture as a nation frowns on and abhors insults and indecent language. For the sake of Peace, Posterity and our nation’s progress, Politics of insults must ceased now for it has the tendency of retarding development. Our Politicians must desist from lies and insults and must educate their followers to do same. Former U.S President Bill Clinton once said ‘’ no insult has ever built a bridge or healed a sick child or fed a hungry person’’. There are noble and highly respected Ghanaians whose suggestions could go a long way to develop our nation, but have chosen to keep quiet for fear of insults and public ridicule. Politicians who refuse to tackle issues of national concern but decide to engage in personality attack, lack ideas to solving our nation’s problems. As a nation, we must approach election 2012 with much caution, we must guard against polarization and political tension by conducting clean campaign devoid of violence, insults, and other vices. Get Together Movement ( GETOM) is initiating a crusade against Politics of Lies and Insults and we are calling on all religious groups, civil society, Peace loving and development oriented Ghanaians to help combat this Political menace.