Feature Article of Saturday, 3 March 2012

Columnist: Tamakloe, David

Martin Amidu’s Posturing Vigilante Citizen, Is Preposterous!

Press Statement: Martin Amidu’s Posturing Vigilante Citizen, Is Preposterous!

Statement Issued By The Free Woyome Movement In Reaction To The Statement Issued By The Honourable Mr. Martin Amidu, Former Attorney-General And Minister Of Justice Of The Republic Of Ghana.

We, the Executive and Members of the Free Woyome Movement, issue this statement with a sense of utter surprise and shock at the conduct of a man who until a few weeks ago, was the chief legal advisor to the government of the republic of Ghana! We are appalled at the reckless abandon with which a person who is supposed to have had many useful years both at the bar and at the ag's department, sees it fit to author a public statement on a matter which he could have addressed in his official capacity as the then attorney-general and minister of justice of the republic of Ghana.
The hon. Martin Amidu appears to harbour a certain ill-motive against consul Woyome and therefore unhesitatingly does the bidding of his “faceless” masters.
Also, in his quest for revenge against a section of the media, he has gone deep into the swamp of what could best be described as “borderline contempt of court”. For a matter that is the subject of ongoing court proceedings, we struggle to understand how the former attorney-general could publicly discuss the merits and de-merits of the matter.
We find the self-righteous posture of the hon. (or is it dishonourable) Martin Amidu to be in very bad taste and a veiled attempt to hide his incompetence! If in over 380 days at the helm of affairs of the ministry of justice, he was unable to handle this issue, what moral right could Mr. Martin Amidu have to come out and issue a press statement seeking to indict persons, most of who reported to him in his capacity as attorney-general and minister of justice. After failing to substantiate wild allegations he had made against his then colleague ministers, Martin Amidu has now turned on his former subordinates and colleagues at the ministry of justice.
Mr. Martin amidu’s action in issuing his recent press statement and posturing as a vigilante citizen is indeed pathetic & preposterous! Was he being vigilant for those long months when he was attorney-general and minister of justice? Even more laughable are his claims of purportedly being pressured by the solicitor-general and some of his subordinates at office of the attorney-general and ministry of justice to do their bidding. What kind of pressure could his subordinates have brought to bear on him? And what decisive action did he take against these subordinates? Was it sufficient for him to simply decline their alleged attempts to coerce him into acceding to their alleged requests? Did he try to question them as to why they were “bringing pressure to bear on him”? Could it not have been that these persons named by Mr. Martin Amidu had also gone through all the relevant files and documentation and come to the conclusion that there was merit in Mr. Alfred Woyome’s claim? Why must Mr. Martin Amidu, who had all the power and legal right to prosecute the matter and yet did virtually nothing, be believed at all, at this stage?
It is our considered opinion that Mr. Martin Amidu is only looking for undeserved sympathy from the general public after sleeping on duty and he must be ashamed of himself for making this brazen attempt to mislead government and misinform the general public.
The Free Woyome Movement unreservedly condemns this contemptible action by Mr. Martin Amidu and takes this opportunity to urge Mr. Alfred woyome to remain steadfast through these trying & difficult times. We remain convinced of Mr. Alfred Woyome’s innocence of all the charges brought against him and will continue to pray for his ultimate vindication.
We urge the discerning public to disregard Mr. Amidu's misrepresentations made in the public discourse relating to the court-sanctioned and perfectly legitimate judgment debt payment made to Mr. Alfred Agbesi Woyome.
We admonish Mr. Martin Amidu to desist from commenting further on the merits of the cases before court as he is no hero other than someone who is only trying to cover up his incompetence and gross insolence, which led to his dismissal from office!
May god help all of us as we pursue the truth at all times for, like the bible says, “ye shall know the truth and the truth will make you free”. The truth we know about Mr. Alfred Woyome is what makes us free to demand his freedom, both physically and metaphorically. The truth will in due course, make all Ghanaians free from the politics of lies, deceit and devious envy.
God bless us all and God Bless our homeland Ghana!