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There is more to the Woyome Scandal: NDC Must Act Decisively!!


Nii Lantey Okunka Bannerman
2012-03-02 08:10:27
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You can believe your own vainglory! I asked a question! I am entitled to wonder! If you have the answer, does it make you more intelligent? Your arrogance reeks so badly! If that is what the constitution says, so be it. It still does not stop me from questioning that strange arrangement.

In most advanced democracies, the majority party runs the committees! In the USA for example, the republicans have the majority so all chairmen are republicans. Ghana's constitutional arrangement is unique but it can still be questioned since a member of the oppostion chairing a parliamentary committee and impede progress of the gov't. You can't seem to see anything outside your debilitating myopia. I hope you can read and understand! Good luck!

Dapaah is surely a kufour partisan and I can't trust him to do jack for Ghana. Deal with it!

Did you read Woyome's interview? He does not think Dapaah can be fair on this matter! Should we worry? Now Kufour is worried about EOCO. Was he worried about the serious fraud office when he was in power? Yet that unit was used to terrorize Woyome! Nana Addo signed that rubbish to go search his house. For what? You people have no shame and don't want to hear others tell their story. Come again!

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Nii Lantey Okunka Bannerman
03-02 08:10