Feature Article of Friday, 2 March 2012

Columnist: Tagoe, Duke

The Lies Of The Neo-Colonialists

by Duke Tagoe

The anti-Nkrumah pro-imperialists lobby in Ghana is once more up and making its usual ugly noises.

These anti-national and anti-progress groups of elite worshipping political hags continue to applaud the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the MI5 of Britain for toppling the Nkrumah Government. We have no difficulty with their hatred of Nkrumah and their disdain for the liberation of the masses from poverty and exploitation but at the very least they must learn to respect the truth.

Even their Masters in London and Washington are more honest than they are. It is strange that at a time when the declassified documents of the CIA reveal that the coup against Nkrumah was plotted in Western Capitals and that the Ghanaian soldiers and politicians in Ghana make the false claim that Nkrumah was overthrown because he was a dictator.

As a fact the only reason for toppling the Nkrumah Government was that he and the Convention People’s Party stood in the way of the imperialist powers in their attempt to reduce Africans to hewers of wood and drawers of water.

In any case, the effort to devalue the work of the Osagyefo is futile and Nkrumah will continue to be celebrated from year to year.