Feature Article of Monday, 27 February 2012

Columnist: Enoch Immanuel A. Agbozo

An Open Letter To President Prof. Atta Mills And Government Of Ghana

Bro. Enoch Immanuel A. Agbozo

Your Excellency, your obedient humble servant, a minister of the Church of God, commissioned Apostle-Prophet to Church and Nations by Jesus Christ and the Father prays His Excellency’s permission to submit a MESSAGE from THE MOST HIGH GOD, Creator of heaven and earth to His Excellency and the Government of Ghana.

We submit the message as an OPEN LETTER on the direct instruction and commandment of the ALMIGHTY GOD Himself. According to the Lord, the spirit and rationale behind the message is “Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people.” (Proverbs 14 verse 34 (NKJV))

The message of the Almighty Most High God, Redeemer, Sustainer, Hope and God of Ghana is as follows:-


• THAT having regard to the Spiritual, Political, Governmental, Economic, Legal and Moral Fallout of the Woyome Judgment Debt Payment and considering the resultant threat to Peace, Righteousness and Justice, Stability, Security and Progress of the country, THE MOST HONOURABLE THING for His Excellency President Atta Mills to do is to VACATE HIS OFFICE, DISMISS THE GOVERNMENT and appoint a Presidential Commission to supervise General Elections for the election of a New President, Executive and Legislature for the country. In the absence of a Presidential Commission the Chief Justice should assume the reins of office to order Year 2012 General Elections.

• THAT PRESIDENT ATTA MILLS has lost Spiritual, Political and Moral Right to supervise enquiry into the Woyome Judgment Debt Payment affair.

• THAT the resignation of the President and Government will restore HONOUR, DIGNITY and GLORY to Politics and Governance in the country and affirm the POWERS of THE PRESIDENT.

According to the Most High God, the King or President of the nation is the ONE with DELEGATED DIVINE AUTHORITY and POWER enshrined in THE PEOPLES’ TRUST to make laws, establish, administer and supervise Peace, Righteousness, Judgement, Justice and Equity in the land. That, the Government of the land serves as Prince of the nation and Agent of the President (King) in the governance of the nation.

In this connection, there is no disputation that the ministers of state connected with the Woyome Judgement Debt Payment have direct connection with and are answerable direct to the President for their duties, responsibilities and the conduct of affairs. That, the Ministers of state equally owe responsibility to and are accountable to God, Nation and People of Ghana in their own right as public office holders, positioned as MINISTERS of STATE.

In the light of the Most High God, it is most unfortunate, indeed very alarming that the ATTORNEY GENERAL who is in charge of the ADMINISTRATION and SUPERVISION, the PROMOTION, ENFORCEMENT, DEFENCE and PROTECTION of RIGHTEOUSNESS, JUDGEMENT, JUSTICE and EQUITY in the land not only reneged on duties but also supervised the ILLEGALITY and OPEN ROBBERY in the open facedness, if not with the connivance of the MINISTER of FINANCE.

There is no gainsaying the fact that the MINISTER of FINANCE, as main steward charged with the control, disbursement, supervision and protection of NATIONAL TREASURY, PUBLIC FINANCE, REVENUE and EXPENDITURE was also privy to the judgement debt payment to Mr. Woyome.

But there can be no debate before God and Nation, Truth and Human Conscience in this regard that the Minister of Finance has obligation TO DO DUE DILIGENCE to public finances and that judgement debt payments and national expenditure of such magnitude would need clearance with Cabinet. That in this direction, the Chief of Staff at least would need to be apprised of and the President duly briefed on the subject accordingly.

It is worthy of note that there is no adequate information that Cabinet under the supervision of the Vice-President had due knowledge of the payments. Yet it will be difficult to establish that CABINET IS TOTALLY IN THE DARK about the Judgement Debt Payment from public chest.

The President as an Honourable Gentleman, accredited public servant, knowledgeable on public revenue and national finances, professed Christian and God appointed and enthroned Head of State cannot be expected to leave Public Expenditure on Judgement Debt Payments and Public Expenditure of such magnitude to be handled without his knowledge and tacit approval. It will be a high level of NEGLIGENCE and BAD GOVERNANCE if that were the case.

But whether His Excellency the President and Cabinet are aware of the judgement debt payment or not, the Minister of Finance HAS ACCOUNT TO GIVE FOR FAILURE TO DO DUE DILIGENCE in the Woyome Judgement Debt Payment affair.

In that vein, Cabinet and the President have spiritual, political, governmental and moral obligation towards God and Country, Nation and People present and future generations to account for NEGLIGENCE, IMPROPER CONDUCT and BAD GOVERNANCE.

It may be appreciated in this regard why there are furore demonstrations and security challenges on the BELATED ATTEMPT to bring Mr Woyome to judgement, obtain refund of the payment, redress the fraud and arrest the political, governmental, economic, social and moral consequences.

It is in the light of His Excellency and Government’s APPARENT DISREGARD of the RULES of CONDUCT and DUE DILIGENCE and above all the ABANDONMENT of RESPONSIBILITY for RIGHTEOUSNESS, JUDGEMENT and JUSTICE in the Woyome Judgement Debt Payment on one part and the POOR HANDLING of the resultant spiritual, political, economic, legal and moral fallout in the governance of the nation on the other part, that The Most High God sends the message that, the most honourable thing to do in the matter to restore public confidence and trust in politics and governance in Ghana and Africa, ensure peace, righteousness and tranquility, stability, security and hope for the country is for HIS EXCELLENCY TO VACATE HIS POSITION AS HEAD OF GOVERNMENT AND HEAD OF STATE, dismiss the Government and appoint a Presidential Commission to supervise GENERAL ELECTIONS for the appointment of a New President, Executive and Legislature for the country.

The Most High God has directed further that President Atta Mills has LOST SPIRITUAL, LEGAL and MORAL RIGHT to supervise ENQUIRY and DETERMINATION of the Woyome Judgement Debt Payment affair. That His Excellency’s resignation will restore HONOUR, DIGNITY and GLORY to POLITICS and GOVERNANCE in the land and legitimacy to the powers of the PRESIDENCY.

In summation, THUS SAYS THE LORD, President Prof. Atta Mills must vacate his office, dismiss the government, give way for fresh General Elections to restore HONOUR, DIGNITY and GLORY to politics and governance in Ghana and Africa, and Trust and Hope in the PRESIDENCY.

We trust that His Excellency and the Government will heed to the Word and Counsel of Jehovah God. For, righteousness exalts a nation but sin is without doubt a reproach to Ghana. Amen!!

God Bless Ghana!

February 24, 2012