Feature Article of Sunday, 26 February 2012

Columnist: Koudjoe, Francis K.

President Mills Need No Apology From Kennedy Agyapong.

You see how foolish people can be? Kennedy Agyapong thinks that having lot money is everything. He has forgotten the popular adage that, good name is better than riches. Because Kennedy Agyapong is intoxicated with cocaine money, he goes about verbally assaulting anybody who disagrees with him. If I were Kennedy Agyapong, I would not come on radio to say, because of friends and incessant pressure mounted on him, he had to swallow the bitter pill and apologize to the President. This shows that Kennedy Agyapong’s apology is not coming deep down from his heart. It would have been better if he had not come to do so.
The President has already accepted that, he is the number one thief not only in Ghana but in the whole world. Kennedy Agyapong is the number one honest and truthful person in the world. But not to worry, we shall see about that very soon.
Kennedy Agyapong can go on with his barrage of insults on the President and the National Democratic Congress (NDC). That will not tickle us in any way. The President and the NDC is focused on the infrastructural development of mother Ghana and no amount of distraction by the Narcotic Peddlers Party (NPP) can prevent the Better Ghana Agenda. No amount of insults can change the minds of the electorate. Ghanaians are wise enough to know what was done by the NPP between 2000 and 2008 and that which has taken place in just three (3) years under President Mills and the NDC. The kind of economic stability being enjoyed by Ghanaians cannot be overemphasized. Therefore, the NDC will not allow any person or group of persons who are power drunk to destroy this stability of the economy.
Kennedy Agyapong went on further to say that, his apology was conditional because he heard that high profile NDC persons would come out to apologize to NPP. This is stupidity on the part of Kennedy Agyapong. What about the rest of his cohort in the NPP? Would they come out to apologize to the NDC? The NDC owe no one apology. NDC will always speak the truth and nothing but the truth. That is what the masses want.
I don’t even think Kennedy Agyapong understands the meaning of the word apology. Apology and remorse are bed fellows, and if you are not remorseful of your action, then your apology is incomplete. Therefore, there is nothing like conditional apology. Kennedy Agyapong can keep his conditional apology to himself. The president is not interested. If Kennedy Agyapong has any apology to render, he should go and render it to Apostle Kojo Safo. The Apostle needs it most since Kennedy Agyapong has refused to marry his daughter, Adwoa safo customarily.
The NDC will surely retain power come Dec. 2012. Mr. President, I can assure you that, the good people of Ghana are solidly behind you and your mandate will be renewed come Dec. 2012. Rest assured.
God bless Mother Ghana. Long Live NDC.

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