Feature Article of Friday, 17 February 2012

Columnist: Dzakpasu, Philip Mensah

Those Who Live In Glass Houses Should Not Throw Stones

A lot of noise has been made about nana akufo addo seducing a woman at the Gbc in 2008 J before the 2008 election. After watching the video, I must say I admire Nana Akufo Addo for his boldness and his willingness to show affection to the opposite sex. It is not a surprise majority of women than men voted for him in 2008. At least Nana Addo shows he is not a hypocrite and he is honest about his relationships with women. However he has not compromised his marriage neither has he had any child out of wedlock. That shows a level of discipline and the unwillingness to cross certain lines.

President Mills, who has given his blessings to some members of the pro NDC press and ministers to carry out these kind of attacks against Nana Akufo Addo, should be careful he does not open a can of worms about his own activities. It is an open secret within the NDC that although he had his son Sam Mills out of wedlock, he is also a practising homosexual and enjoys the company of young men on his bed. He has not slept with his wife Naadu for 20 years. He currently has 2 male lovers, Alfred Kissiedu and Prince Obuobisa, who are students at the University of Ghana and the Institute of Professional Studies respectively. This is an open secret in the NDC yet people think its none of their business what he does in private. This information is classified and National Security as well as the Bureau of National Investigations are fully aware of this. President Mills , John Mahama and other government officials who lead amorous and reckless sexual lives must know those who live in glasshouses should not throw stones. You only have to study President Mills carefully And ask why he is always in the company of young healthy virile men. Is it because he needs them to keep his wed warm on trips around the country or when he is relaxing at the castle?

We want our leaders to focus on issues that are affecting the lives of Ghanaians. We have a situation where one man has been given over 51 million Ghana cedis to go and chop by our government, we have ministers who have used the courts to defraud the state, we still have no light, our cities have no water, our teachers have not been paid and we are worried about the private lives of politicians who are getting rich by the day while the people suffer.

We must get serious as a country.

Philip Mensah Dzakpasu
London, UK