Feature Article of Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Columnist: Doe-Vormavor, Dennis

Mills Must Step Down In The National Interest

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Ghana’s President Professor Mills Must Step Down In The National Interest

As Ghanaians living in the diaspora, we are shocked and appalled by the disgraceful manner in which money belonging to the state is being stolen by government ministers, in collusion with some officials of our country’s civil service. The current Government under our President , Professor John Evans Atta Mills, has supervised the theft and disbursement of over 500 million dollars using the judiciary and carrying out bogus negotiations with a view to defrauding the state.
We have noticed that Ghana since 2009 has borrowed over 600 million from the IMF, The People’s republic of China intends to borrow the current Ghanaian Government 3 billion Dollars. There are huge questions as to how a country like Ghana, already suffocating under huge debts with our public debt now 30 billion Ghana cedis(6 billion dollars) is going to cope with more borrowing. What is the current government doing with the huge sums it has already secured from financial institutions? Why has the President opened offshore accounts in South Africa and Belize?
We believe the government is being reckless with the future of the Ghanaian people. From the purchase of 5 aircrafts and helicopters costing millions of dollars against the wishes of Ghanaians, to these fraudulent payments to companies and individuals, President Mills, a Professor of Law, who is an expert on the laws of Ghana, who should defend the national interest ,who is suppose to teach us right from wrong and to lead by example, has drank from the deep well of corruption. He is actually supporting, colluding and sanctioning these serious financial crimes against our children. We fail to see a bright future for our children in Ghana if a government engages in systematic and carefully planned financial crimes to amass wealth.

We therefore make the following suggestions
1. The President of Ghana, Professor Mills step down with immediate effect. Professor Mills is deeply involved and his position as President of the Republic of Ghana does not allow for a proper, fair and transparent investigations into the judgement debt payments made to companies and individuals
2. There are serious allegations that President Mills personally benefited from these payments. These allegations need to be investigated and The President if he is a subject of investigation, cannot continue to be at post.
3. We call on the international community to examine the facts on the ground and suspend all financial assistance to Ghana including all financial transactions.
4. We join all progressive forces and civic society groups, trade union organisations and the general public in calling for an independent enquiry into these fraudulent transactions .
5. We call on Vice President Mr John Dramani Mahama, Vice President to take over as President of our country for serious government to continue. Mr Mahama is credible and has not been implicated in these scandals.
The future of Ghana belongs to all of us. Political parties come and go, leaders come and go, but Ghana will remain forever. We hope that the international community and all those who love Ghana will support us for justice to be done.

Thank You

Dennis Doe Vormavor(Chairman)-United Kingdom
Dr Erasmus Abaka White-Ireland
Fredrick nii Dade Otoo-France
Dentu Asamoah-Russia
Vivian Brodie Mends-Germany
Sabina Nkumsah-Italy
Georgina Atta Boadu- USA
Paul Sunkwa Mills Jnr-Israel
Phillip Akporkavie-South Africa
Sandra Osei Bimpong-Nigeria
Dr Frank Nelson-Netherlands
Victoria Senkyire-United Kingdom
Barrister Maame Akosua Asante-United Kingdom
Mensah Ofosu Mintah-France
Majid Osamnu Ali -Spain
Agyeman Prempeh Duah-Germany
Nicholas Asante-Belgium
Nana Kwame Abroyie-Germany
John Howard Simpson-France
Rosemary Mensah-Denmark
Franklin Mustapha-Norway
Justice Wilson Ntomgmah-United Kingdom