Feature Article of Thursday, 9 February 2012

Columnist: Bruce, Kojo

Re: President Atta-Mills Covers Up at Attorney-General’s Department

We posted an article on the above subject on ghanaweb and other media on 31st January 2012 contending that the confirmation of the acting appointment of Hon. Dr. Benjamin Kunbuor as the Attorney-General and Minister for Justice was intended by the President to cover up crimes which Hon. Martin Amidu was intent on prosecuting. Hon. Dr. Kunbuor’s grand deception of the Ghanaian public that there had been an assassination attempt on his life on the night of 28th June 2010 was established by Police forensic investigations to have been a calculated and deliberate lie by the then Hon. Dr. Kunbuor the Minister for Health to cover up the firing of his own JERICHO pistol from inside his own black VW Passat TSI saloon car GR 4656 10.

In our view such a Gargantuan criminally exposed Minister was first transferred by the President to the Ministry of the Interior as the sector Minister as a show of contempt for we the hard working investigators who exposed Hon. Dr. Kunbuor’s deception of Ghanaians in general and the police as public officers. The confirmation of Hon. Dr. Benjamin Kunbuor as Minister of Justice and Attorney-General with such a known criminally exposed background to the knowledge of the President makes Hon. Kunbuor incapable of resisting directives to be partial in the exercise of his powers to prosecute impartially.

We are posting this article today with an attachment of the Report on GR 4656 10 of 6th July 2010 to put beyond doubt that as detectives we found that there was no assassination attempt on Hon. Dr. Kunbuor’s life as he alleged. Hon. Dr. Kunbuor fired his own pistol from his own car to sustain his lies. In any other democracy Hon. Dr. Kunbuor would not have been transferred to be the Minister of the Interior or now be confirmed in the sensitive position of the Minister of Justice and Attorney-General which requires a person with integrity, honesty, and justice to guarantee the safety of all Ghanaians. The President rewarded Hon. Kunbuor’s proven gargantuan criminal misconduct with a promotion as Minister for the Interior, and now as the Attorney-General and Minister for Justice. Why was the honest and forthright Hon. Martin Amidu then dismissed for unstated and unproven misconduct Your Excellency? Your Excellency the President, what is in the Ministry of Justice that you want Hon. Dr. Benjamin Kunbuor to cover up which the honest Martin Amidu refused to do for you? As hardworking and conscientious detectives, your judgment in these matters demoralizes us in the discharge of our duties. Is this is the enhanced integrity childlike Koku Ayindohu claims the President has acquired in the infamous Woyomegate scandal? God save Ghana our Motherland!