Feature Article of Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Columnist: Dotse, Newman

Okudzeto Goofs!

By Newman Dotse

It has become palpable that the Deputy Minister of Information, Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa’s inordinate ambition to become a Member of Parliament at all cost, claiming he is being wheedled by the constituents, has blinded, beclouded, confused and totally obfuscated his sense of judgment and proportion. At the time that Ghana is being hailed as a citadel of democracy and peace, Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa’s dangerous utterances, coupled with disrespect to the elders in society, is sowing disaffection and rancor in the Ghanaian socio-political fabric.

Okudzeto’s recent strange exhibition of bravado when he granted The Finder Newspaper an interview saying that the former President and the founder of NDC, Jerry John Rawlings, is going to lead this year’s campaign of the NDC as if he owns Rawlings.

After trying to soil the image of the former president for criticizing Atta Mills’ government, they are now calling on him to join their campaign wagon. Are they not the very people who say Rawlings has never contributed anything to the success of NDC in 2008 and that they can do without him?

I quite remember Okudzeto saying on air recently that the reconstruction of the former President’s burnt house is of no importance to the NDC government and that the government has other important matters to attend to. The utterances of the inexperienced young ministers like Okudzeto have already divided the NDC. If NDC gurus want to win elections again in Ghana, then the young minister in government must be advised to learn how to talk to avoid causing confusion in their own party.

The Founder’s Office And The Presidency:

The cracks in the relationship between the founder and the Presidency ought to be mended before they assume irreparable dimensions as the old adage says “If you ever see a compound house without a crack in its walls, it is because there is a fool living in it.” By a fool, they do not mean a person who cannot think but rather someone who is willing to sacrifice his time, energy and resources for the common good and pretend it does not hurt.

It is obvious that the cause of the rift is greed and opportunism on the part of a few individuals deeply rooted in the corridors of power.

I know greed and opportunism cannot be fully uprooted in society because even Jesus our savior experienced greed and opportunism from among his apostles. The only way to deal with the greedy and the opportunistic is to label them clearly and eventually they will hang themselves. This reminds me of the old adage which says “The bird that is too crafty at weaving its nest runs the risk of weaving its own wing into the nest one day.” This is a caution proverb for cunningly greedy people.

As I always maintain, things done in the dark shall certainly come to light one day.

It is however alleged that there are ‘rats’ in our government. Some of these rats are hiding at the castle, the seat of government. These ‘rats’ are so big that we cannot even exterminate them with any form of rat repellent.

However, before we can exterminate any rat, we have to find the ‘mother rat’ that has given birth to these parasites first before headway could be made. Everything has a source; and it is that source that needs to be cut in order to arrest the issue and deal with it in an acceptable manner.

Sycophants, posing as Christians and the opportunists pretending to love the government more than the rest of Ghanaians, have hijacked the situation and have perpetuated the practice of corruption to expert levels, which is currently haunting this government.

Why is the nation kept in the dark about the real financial position of the country, especially monies accrued from our natural resources?

The ‘rats’ at the bottom of the building are just stealing from the crumbs that they get while the people who are far lower at the bottom of the building are living in squalor and abject poverty, with those enjoying in the government looking on unconcerned. Even the very people who toiled hard for the success of the party are being chased in covert and overt manner for trying to defend the Ideology of the party.

I refuse to believe that this country is poor. I refuse to understand why millions of Ghanaians starve while a select few are paid for doing nothing, just because they happen to have a connection at the presidency. 2012 is a year of reckoning. Ghanaians are waiting fervently for December.

Source: The Citizen Newspaper (+233 27 731 4655) thecitizen.news@yahoo.com