Feature Article of Monday, 30 January 2012

Columnist: Salifu, Bagulybay Moro

Be Bold Mr.Martin Amidu

Dear editor,

One of the basic principle of law is that he that allegies must prove it and for that matter any body who allegies must be asked to substantiate the allegation.About two to three weeks ago Ghanaians woke up to a shocking news in which the attorney general alleged in his press statement that a colleague minister is working against him just because he does not want to conceal a gargantuan crime committed by the colleague minister.he also refers to some newspapers as criminal rented press.this press statement by the attorney general generated a lot of mixed reaction in the media.I personally was very excited because i thought Mr.Martin Amidu would do me a favour by disclosing the name of his colleague minister and the gargantuan crime committed. I have lived in this country all my life and i have been hearing series of allegation without the alleged substantiating the allegation so i thought this was the moment of naming and shaming but Mr Martin Amidu disappointed me so much especially when the president gave him the opportunity to name the minister working against him and the gargantuan crime committed by this minister.I totally support the decision of the president to sack him because an attorney general and minister for justice can not just allege without substantiating the allegation.

Now that he is no more the attorney general and the minister of justice he has all the freedom to drag the minister who committed the alleged gargantuan crime to court in his capacity as a ghanaian and an anti corruption campaigner.Mr Martin Amidu please do me a favour by naming this alleged criminal minister to the whole nation.please do not sweep this secrete under your carpet,reveal it to the whole nation and be my all time hero. I urge u Mr Martin Amidu to be bold like Yaa Asantewaa and Nana Konadu combine.

Bagulybay Moro Salifu.