Feature Article of Monday, 2 January 2012

Columnist: Fiagbeto, Yao

Why Adjaho condemns trend among Ghanaians to limit tenure of MPs

By Yao Fiagbeto

According to recent development in Akatsi (VR), Dec. 24, GNA – “Mr Doe Adjaho, Member of Parliament (MP) for Ave-Avenor, on Friday raised issue with the trend in Ghana for some people who want their MPs to be replaced for no reason other than that they had been there for “too long”. He said experience was important in parliamentary work and the longer an MP stayed the better it was for the quality of legislative work.

Mr Adjaho, who is also the First Deputy Speaker of Parliament, was speaking to the Press at Akatsi after filing his nomination papers for another bid as MP for the area for the sixth term.”GNA

He went further to quote developed nation like USA and Australia to support his reason to disregard the true aspirations his constituency. But the question on the mind of many is that How convenient can Togbi bubunator quote developed nations to support his clinch to power?

We respect and love him according to Yao Fiagbeto, but what he has to understand is that these developed systems of USA and Australia are failing the ordinary people who voted them into office. These are questions Togbi Adjaho must understand and find answers too in order to translate them to our realities in Ave Avenor constituency.

1. What is the responsibility and job discription of an MP in developed nations?

2. Why do MPs border to represent their constituencies?

3. Yes! MPs in developed nations form legislative body, do Togbi know what they legislate on?

In short in my layman and unsoffiscated understanding of realities on the ground of these developped nations, MPs legislate on variety of issues ranging from economics, social, and politics. But the first and foremost is legislate on issues that attract new economic investment and protecting existing ones.

MPs have personal financial interest in new and existing business, employmemt and retention in their communities. They run for offices to protect their investment and how those business impact their community citizens.

Therefore how many viable businesses do Togbi Adzaho has in Ave Avenor constituency worth commenting on which warrant him to represent our people for life? I hope he will elaborate more on his accomplishment for all these years all to judge in this 2012 election. akpe nami

Yao Fiagbeto CCDAG