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Who Are You?

Comment: The Catholic Priest and the Pastor

2011-10-18 02:24:17
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Who Are You?

A Catholic Priest got into an accident with a Baptist Pastor on the highway.The Baptist Pastor looked at the cross on the neck of the Priest and said we are all of the same faith and God provided a miracle that we are not hurt"
The priest looked in his car and took a bottle of Akperteshie and said drink for the miracle of the lord"
The Baptist Pastor"Drank about half of the Akperteshie in the bottle and offered the rest to the priest"
Priest"I dont drink,I am waiting for the Police to get here,I called them for drunk driving"

The devil goes to many places and remember that nobody is perfect and the innocent looking ones are the ones to watch.It takes the power of God to guide us from Evil.

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The Catholic Priest and the Pastor
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