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Spitting All Over Ghana

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2011-09-30 21:39:54
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Spitting All Over Ghana

i have received about 4.
nice article.
The mucus membrane of our respiratory tracts have been designed to help protect the system by trapping foreign airborne particles and moving them upwards to be sneezed or coughed out. Also, saliva help to lubricate the respiratory tract to keep it moist for better flow and exchange of gases in the airsacs at the terminals.
Due to more dust particles and high heat in the tropics, these above processes are higher in these areas, hence, more saliva, more trappings by the mucus membrane and hence more spitting.
Thus, the drier and dustier the area, the more spitting expected.
However, just like urinating, this should be private. The writer has however, said it all, the culture of indiscipline, ignorance.
The potential of diseases of epidemic scale by spitting cannot be overemphasis and therefore, more public education of this is very necessary. I think this education should go along with indiscriminate dumping of refuse, urinating and defecating

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Re: Spitting All Over Ghana
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