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Spitting All Over Ghana

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2011-09-30 10:26:04
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I don't really understand why this idiot writer believes Ghana is worse in spitting.

Spitting is a human nature and in most cases a nature's call. Every race, nation, tribe and irrespective of sex or age does it as freely as it is naturally demanding.

I fail to see why Mr Buachi wants to make this a freaking, fucking big deal for Ghanaians.

I don't think the guy has entered public places like pubs in London, Berlin, Amsterdam, Moscow and other big cities in the world. He should go to the Arab countries and see how people blow their noses loudly and spit freely with doses of water everywhere in public. This is almost a ritual before prayers.

Mr Buachi should, please, give us a break. Spitting offence is not an exclusive Ghanaian nature, please!

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Re: Spitting?
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